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Jan 14 2014
Why should I pursue a MBA at Walsh?

Five not so obvious reasons! Written by Guest Blooger Deborah Mourray

  1. Your professional network will be expanded. At Walsh you will have the chance to interact with professors who are both knowledgeable in your coursework and are most likely holding interesting and challenging positions in the corporate world.  Also, the students in your class will generally be working at a variety of companies at different levels.  They are likely to go on and be successful in their specialty field and will be an excellent addition to your contacts!
  2. Your team management skills will be sharpened There are a number of group/team projects required in your MBA courses.  For some of you, this is not good news.  You are perfectly happy doing your own project, your own way, thank you very much!  As a business leader you must learn how to motivate, manage and work with your team.  Those 60-hour work weeks could be cut down if you let your team contribute and pull their weight.
  3. You will learn effective written and oral communication skills.  I know, I said the dreaded words “oral communication skills,” which translates to public speaking. It seems crazy more people would rather die than give a speech.   If there is one area you should embrace, learn and grow, it would be public speaking.  This will serve you in your rise in the corporate world in weekly meetings, monthly corporate presentations and yearly career development.  Stand up and speak!  You will be amazed how far it takes you later in life.
  4. The chance to learn about the global economy and expand beyond your city, county and state. Companies are looking to expand resources overseas and need their staff to figure out how to make profits and be sustainable all over the world.  You can learn valuable lessons directly from our international and diverse student body. Your courses will force you to investigate and interpret global economic issues and expand your critical thinking in a number of areas outside our borders.
  5. Your business courses will prepare you to solve problems from the view of a business leader and manager. You will read and interpret financial statements, business statements, marketing plans and many other types of business information that are critical to successful and profitable businesses.  It will give you skills you can apply in your present job even while you are attending school. If you want to be a leader, you will have the chance to learn what has formed and influenced great business leaders. You won’t have to wait to graduate with your Walsh MBA to start impacting your business, your career, or your future.

Let’s not forget, some employers offer tuition reimbursement.  This could be the most important reason to start pursuing your MBA at Walsh.  Your employer is willing to contribute to your development, are you ready to contribute your part?

Your successful business future starts the day you walk into your first MBA class at Walsh College!


Deborah Mourray

Accounting & Tax Advisor




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