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The Power of Impact

I had just finished my lunch in the cafeteria of the Troy campus. As I was just about to gather my things and leave, a familiar, happy face made his way through the doors. I am fairly biased about this certain individual; he brings a certain pop of life and excitement to not only Walsh but to those who are lucky enough to be in his presence. He conveys an attitude of confidence and loyalty to things that hold purpose and meaning to him. So with that, of course I sat back down when he asked me to spend a little bit of time with him while he ate his lunch.

His Sonic the Hedgehog  t-shirt, completely drenched from the gloomy, Monday afternoon rain, didn’t put a damper on our upcoming conversation. I had known for some time that I was looking for a student to interview for my next blog, but not until then did interviewing Spencer Ford pop into my head.

In just a few, short weeks, Walsh will be celebrating the groundbreaking for a $15 million renovation. If you haven’t heard about it, well then it just might come as a shock to you! New signs have been strategically placed in now abandoned areas around campus to help direct students to the new student service areas. Not necessarily “follow the yellow brick road,” but more like “follow the yellow arrows” and they will lead you to wherever you need to go.


To read more about the renovation visit www.walshcollege.edu/troyrenovation.


For some, change may be just too much to handle. But for Spencer Ford, change is just a part of everyday life. Spencer will be speaking at the September 5th groundbreaking ceremony, and he will tell a story of perseverance and determination. Spencer will be graduating from Walsh this December with his BAC and he will also be finishing his MAC with a concentration in Finance.

As we were sitting there discussing life, and whatever obstacles had been thrown our way that day, Spencer was a little bit surprised when I asked if I could interview him for my next blog. As any normal, modest human being would be, he asked, “Really? Why me? ”… because why not take any advantage to highlight a great student.

As I asked Spencer multiple questions in between bites of his extra-large, extra-stuffed Chipotle burrito, we laughed and joked about what to include and what not to include in this piece. It’s quite clear that Spencer has a love for Walsh. “Adaptability to life and the personal connection with people that is always here” attracted him the most.

Spencer also spends a lot of his time working in the Finance Lab, which was a factor in selecting Finance as his concentration for his MAC. When asked about the future of the Finance Lab he believes, “The future of the lab is centered on “FactSet”, a new software piloting this fall. It is easily accessible for students on various mobile devices and it is very user friendly.” Spencer is working with other students and faculty members on FactSet and hopes to have it available to students during the winter semester.

Spencer spoke a lot about the caliber of the accounting program and, when asked to describe it, he used the word “rigorous.” I asked Spencer what advice he would give to not only students in this program, but to all Walsh students and he responded so genuinely: “ Just finish it, whatever it is get it done, because tomorrow is going to come regardless. Do the best you can with the time you have.”

After that, we sat for a little bit longer and talked about life after college, and what to expect. Spencer has it all planned out- he is on the fast track to success and greatness. He is motivated, passionate, and driven to succeed. He spoke a lot about respect and the opportunities you have to treat others in ways that you want to be treated. Given the circumstances of today’s world, how we live it, and treat others, the world could use more people like Spencer.

Little did I know that, after spending 45 minutes or so with Spencer, I would realize that he helped brighten my day. His impact and outlook on life brought a new perspective to what I was experiencing that day. He gave me words of encouragement in the smallest, rarest form.

Make sure you take the next couple of weeks to travel the older halls of Walsh College, reminisce on any memories that may have happened there. Or, even for a second, create a new memory that at least you can say, “Hey, I remember Walsh College way back when.” Offer advice to your fellow classmates, get them involved, and get them passionate about Walsh. Just take a moment to impact someone’s day.


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