Walsh College

6 Reasons You Should Visit the Walsh College Library

Here are just SIX reasons you should frequent the library (in no particular order):

STUDY SPACE -- Remove yourself from a noisy environment and study where it’s quiet.

CONDUCT RESEARCH -- Access more than 70 databases covering topics from business to tax to health. (Plus enjoy 24/7 access from home.)

CHECK OUT A BOOK -- See what’s in the collection and take a look at some of the new books available. Or check out an e-book.

NON-CIRCULATING COLLECTION -- Peruse the non-circulating magazines like Consumer Reports or Hour Detroit.

RESERVES -- Use the resources your instructor has placed on reserve for you.

AWESOME LIBRARIANS! -- Get help formulating your search strategy or ask about citing in APA style.

Don't go another semester without exploring all that Walsh College Library offers! 

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Mike on October 22, 2016 at 11:49 am

I think Walsh College Library is a best place for book lovers. Btw, can you share case studies here? I love to go back and read if I have free time working at http://www.seochampion.com.

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