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Excel for Business Workshop

9/21/2017 1:18:16 PM
Whether you are a business professional or a student preparing to be one, utilizing your Excel skill set is extremely valuable in today’s business world.
By Gina Gojcaj

Dining Up: The Art of Business Dining & Networking

7/19/2017 3:12:02 PM
Formal and semi-formal dining events are perfect occasions to make a polished first impression, enhance your personal brand, and build new connections.
By Linda Hagan

Picture Perfect for LinkedIn

3/27/2017 12:22:47 PM
Business students and professionals have many different reasons for using LinkedIn, including networking, finding resources to help you resolve a problem, finding the next opportunity, marketing their company, and the list goes on. While those are all important, it is key to keep in mind that your professional profile picture is your first impression! Here few tips on showcasing your best professional profile picture.
By Jessica Knapik

Mentorship Programs

2/6/2017 2:47:41 PM
Mentoring can take many forms both formally or informally. I’ve been fortunate to have good people in my life starting in high school. They have paved the way for me to get to where I am today. In order to have success in your career, a lot of it is due to hard work. However, you also have to have good people in your corner to pull you up. It doesn’t just automatically happen. That is where mentoring can really help, more so than just the occasional networking events.
By Jessica Knapik

New Year. New Beginnings.

1/9/2017 9:49:41 AM
A new year usually means resolutions and new beginnings. Sometimes it's related to getting more active, eating healthier, or making other life changes.
By Jessica Knapik

Writing a Small Tale

1/9/2017 9:16:25 AM
I love writing. Besides basic sentence structure and grammar, it can sometimes be pretty subjective as to whether people think you are a good writer or not.
By Jessica Knapik