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Dec 13 2013
Bury the dead things this New Year!
By: Duc Abrahamson Category: Alumni


By Guest Blogger:

Laurie Thiel, BBA ’96, MSM ’99, One Hour Consulting

A year after graduating from Walsh College with my master’s degree in business (1999), I had the opportunity of a lifetime to start up a new healthcare business, currently located in Troy, Michigan.  As a mom, wife, and newly appointed CEO, long hours and hard work in college was finally paying off.  In 2010, something inspired me to form my own consulting business, One Hour Consulting, and to start writing a marketing publication for a segment of the healthcare industry in which I was working – not really knowing at the time if I would ever be my own boss or if this book would ever be published.   

As 2013 comes to a close, I am proud to say that my book, “Marketing 101 Back to the Basics A Practical Guide for EMS Agencies” is for sale through direct marketing, and I have a great start in healthcare consulting.  Getting to this place of entrepreneurship certainly came with its challenges over the past year.

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As I reflect on everything that took place – going from healthcare executive to now being my own boss – I realized that often times we go into a new year carrying baggage from the previous year.  Our baggage may be defined by our emotions, such as anger, fear, discontentment, or jealousy, and can impede our ability to manifest great things in our life.     

After spending 13 years as a healthcare executive, the signs were present that the time had come for me to birth the consulting business I formed in 2010.  Along with excitement and hope about my new future, it also brought along a distressing fear, as I started to wonder if I’d have enough clients, if my book would sell, and if I would make enough money to survive.

I realized that fear would only paralyze my thoughts for career success, so I buried my fear and started visualizing a successful consulting business in 2014.    

Now, every day I wake up doing the following:

  1. Visualize success.  Let your mind create what you want to have happen: My mailbox is stacked with book order forms every day!
  2. Verbalize success. Write a success affirmation: My affirmation is posted on my wall in my home office and I read it out loud every day.
  3. Keep the faith. Believing is powerful; I pray daily and often and express gratitude for being able to take this next journey in my life.
Our baggage isn’t specific to just powerful emotions that can overcome our thoughts and ability to be successful.  We may also carry baggage about problems associated with our career or broken relationships, or maybe goals we never accomplished.

Every New Year reminds us of a new beginning… a fresh start… an opportunity to try again.    

Whatever it is that’s weighing you down, make a New Year’s resolution to mentally bury all of the baggage that diminished your positive spirit in 2013.    

I encourage you to share something you are going to bury, to perhaps give others a sign of hope.  

Rejuvenate your soul by burying the past and focus on new beginnings in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Laurie Thiel, Walsh College Alumnae

Connect with Laurie at onehourconsulting@comcast.net or check out her website at www.onehourconsulting.biz.

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Amanda Morrisson December 21, 2013 at 01:05 pm

This is a great blog on "purging last year's baggage". For the first time in my life, I have decided to try to take on the new year resolution in 2014. My first ever new years resolution is to become much more organized. I plan to use Laurie Thiel's three steps every day approach. I am going to visualize success, verbalize success and keep the faith. I hope this works well for me, also.

Jane Domzalski January 9, 2014 at 01:46 pm

Thanks for sharing your story and for the three tips. I'll keep these where I can see them.

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