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Expert Advice on Making Business Connections

Business success is about networking and making the right connections.  Many successful Walsh College alums would agree. John Latella, MSF '99, COO of Garden Fresh Gourmet, stated, "A Walsh education will get you to the door; it won't open it for you." The connections you have are on the other side of that door.  Who do you know?


Making business connections is not a race to meet everyone in the room at a networking event.  Several Walsh College Alumni Association (WCAA) Board members were asked, “How do you make business connections?” This is what they had to say.

Crystal Arcicovich, WCAA Board Director, WCAA Marketing & Communications Chair, BBA ‘09

“I make new connections through those I’m already connected with.  Attending events, community involvement, you name it.  Where there is an invite, there is always a connection.”

Bryan K. Kieler, WCAA Board Director, WCAA Golf Outing Chair, MSSL ‘11

“Too often in business young professionals are too quick to sell their agenda; the secret to business development is in relationship development.  More than often one does not care what you know until they know how much you care.  Take time to learn the other party’s agenda and how you can help; it will pay dividends in building relationships and, ultimately, business.”

Brian Pilarski, WCAA Board Director, MSM ‘07

“Making connections involves looking for common ground and mutual synergies.  Whether its personal or business, like-minded people tend to attract other like-minded people.  Go where your passions lie and you will make connections.”

Cindy S. Sobran, WCAA Board Director, Nomination Committee Chair, BAC ’92, MST ‘97

“Here at Gordon Advisors, we are able to attend various Chamber of Commerce and networking events.  The firm also sets up get-together events with various banks and law firms which are the most productive in meeting other professionals.”

Alex G. Schwallbah, WCAA Immediate Past President, BBA ’04, MSM ‘06

“Networking is not about finding what you can take from a relationship but rather what you can offer.  It is the old adage of give before you receive.”

Paul J. Nobels, Jr., WCAA Vice President, MSA ‘93

“Networking is about being a good listener.  People are not interested in hearing how great you are. Rather, listen and allow them to talk about themselves.  Once they know you care then the doors open.”

Cindy C. Kot, WCAA President, MBA ‘05

“Smile, have fun, and be happy – be the sunshine that lights up people’s lives!  Everyone has interesting experiences and talents to share, so fully immerse yourself and enjoy the interaction.”

Share with us how you make business connections below.

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