Walsh College

Course Repeat Policy

Beginning fall 2012, Walsh College has instituted the following Course Repeat Policy:

  • The policy will apply to undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs and will exclude the Doctor of Management program. 
  • The grade of any eligible course repeated beginning fall 2012 may be replaced one time, regardless of when the course was taken previously or how many attempts of the course were made prior to fall 2012. This policy applies only to courses that are repeated fall 2012 or later.  
  • Any eligible course, regardless of grade, may be repeated once at Walsh College for a grade replacement. 
  • There is no appeal process to this limit. Additional repeats will be allowed without grade replacement. If, after the one time replacement, the course has not been passed, all subsequent grades will be factored into all GPA calculations, along with the better of the original and replaced grades. 
  • Courses that are not eligible for grade replacement:  
    • Courses that have been graduated in any program may not be replaced in that program. 
    • Courses for which transfer credit has been awarded. 
    • Courses taken in the DM program.  
    • Courses whose grades have been affected by findings of academic misconduct. 
  • The better grade of the original and replacement attempt will be used in calculating both cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA) and - for undergraduate students - major/minor GPA. If the course was attempted multiple times previously, the lowest grade will be replaced. 
  • After grade replacement, once a course has been completed at Walsh College with a grade of “C” (2.000) or higher, all subsequent attempts will receive a grade of Audit (“AU”) and no credit. 
  • Students who repeat courses at other institutions will not receive transfer credit if Walsh College credit has been earned, nor will they improve their Walsh grade point average. A grade of Audit (“AU”) will automatically be issued to a student who repeats a course in which he/she has received course equivalency transfer credit, an exclusion, waiver or advanced standing.  
  • All grades will remain visible on the transcript. All academic standings originally calculated will remain visible on the transcript.  
  • In any one program, credit can only be earned once for any course. 
  • Withdrawn classes will not replace grades and will not be included in the one-time grade replacement limit. Students will still be allowed two withdrawals in addition to one replacement attempt per eligible course. In the case of a withdrawal, a grade of “W” will appear on the transcript. 
  • Federal and/or state regulations may supersede portions of this policy. For example, students with financial aid or GI Bill benefits are required to follow federal regulations regarding repeating courses. Please see the financial aid and veterans’ sections of the catalog for details.

Course Repeat Policy FAQs