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Take Time for Corporate Culture

Fun Fridays — and Mondays aren’t so bad, either

Friday is a day that we celebrate with the expression “TGIF”.  Offices allow their employees to dress casually. Here at Walsh College, it is a day to express our pride by donning our Walsh College-branded apparel. On one particular Friday, it would be more. With information of a co-worker’s (Jon, the marketing intern) absence, it would be a day for some office tomfoolery (would that be Jon-foolery?)

Corporate culture is not just office shenanigans or silly and foolish behavior at work. It is about getting together, creating a relationship, and bonding that transcends everyday work relationships. People from multiple departments put their creative minds together to come up with ideas to express pride, be silly, and work together. Encouraging positive corporate culture in your workplace can accelerate the process of individuals in different departments feeling comfortable working with each other in a team setting, which turns into operational effectiveness for the company. On this particular Friday, laughter became the order of the day, and everyone was looking forward to coming to work on Monday to see Jon’s reaction. See the results of our office tomfoolery below.


There is always room for cappuccino

For corporate culture to really work, it needs to be encouraged from the top. Leaders who actually walk the talk are the most effective for developing strong corporate culture. Here is a photo of Walsh President Stephanie Bergeron and Chief Financial Officer Helen Kieba-Tolksdorf “having cappuccino” with Joyce, a throw-pillow kitty making her way around the Walsh College campus.

Walsh College Marketing Director, Brenda Meller, playing pin the tail on Joyce.

There is life outside

Corporate culture can extend out of the office to social events and community projects. Volunteering as a team to give back to the community is an economical team-building project that is a great way to show corporate responsibility and encourage strong corporate culture.

The WCAA Casino Night or other social events can quickly change “someone from IT” into Lorein, “the father of a very cute baby boy” or “someone from Records” into Jessica, “the fashionista”. A change of scenery can do wonders for employees who have little opportunity to leave their desks or the three walls of their cubicles.

Having fun at work promotes employee engagement, stronger retention, more creative ideas, is more energizing than a cup of coffee, and leads to happiness and a more collaborative workplace.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, “For us, our number one priority as a company is company culture, and our whole belief is that if we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service or building a long-term enduring brand, will just happen naturally on its own.”

Below, share what you are doing to encourage a positive corporate culture in your company. Better yet, send me pictures: dabrah2@walshcollege.edu, and I’ll be happy to post them here!

Office shenanigans prank 

Alumni & Student Life Office wrapped in newspaper prank

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