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FAQs - Course Repeat Policy

Course Repeat Policy FAQs
  1. Who is eligible to use the Course Repeat Policy? Students in all programs except the Doctor of Management (DM) program who repeat an eligible course fall 2012 or later
  2. When does the policy take effect? Students who repeat an eligible course starting fall 2012 will be able to replace a grade for that course
  3. What if I have more than one attempt of a course prior to fall 2012? In order to replace the grade of a course taken prior to fall 2012, you must repeat the course fall 2012 or later, even if it was attempted multiple times previously. Any course repeated fall 2012 or later will replace the lowest previous grade. If the new grade is lower than all previous attempts, it will not replace any previous grade and will not be factored into GPAs. 
  4. What courses are eligible to be replaced? Starting fall 2012, students may repeat a course one time for the purpose of replacing a grade for that course, except for:
    a. Courses that were graduated in any program may not be replaced in that program.
    b. Courses for which transfer credit has been awarded.
    c. DM courses.
    d. Courses for which the grade has been affected by findings of academic misconduct. 
  5. How many times can I replace a grade? One time per course. 
  6. Which grade counts? The better grade of the two attempts will count. 
  7. Can I get credit for both attempts? No. In any one program, credit will only be earned once for any course. 
  8. Can a withdrawal replace a grade? No, withdrawals cannot replace grades and are not counted in the one-time grade replacement limit.  
  9. Can I repeat a course that I have previously taken and received a grade of C (2.000) or higher? Yes, you may repeat any eligible course once for a grade replacement. Once you repeat a course under this policy and have received a grade of C (2.000) or higher, all subsequent attempts will be audits, with no credit/grade received. 
  10. What happens if I need to take the course again after the one time grade replacement? If, after the one time replacement, the course has not been passed, all subsequent grades will be factored into all GPA calculations, along with the better of the original and replaced grades. 
  11. Will a replaced grade be removed from my transcript? No. All grades and any accompanying academic standing notations will remain visible on the transcript.  
  12. Do I need to do anything special to replace a grade? No. Grade replacement is automatic for courses that qualify. 
  13. I have financial aid. How will grade replacement affect this? To receive financial aid you must be meeting the minimum standards of financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) which can be found online at www.walshcollege.edu/Satisfactoryacademicprogress. There are quantitative and qualitative factors that are used when calculating financial aid SAP. If you are retaking a course for grade replacement keep in mind that both the original and the repeated course will be counted in the quantitative factor, or pace. Only the better of the original and replaced grade will be factored into the qualitative factor, or cumulative grade point average (GPA). Repeating a course for grade replacement may improve your cumulative GPA, however, it will not increase the pace in which you are completing your degree. In addition, financial aid will pay for a repeated course one time only. If you receive, or are interested in receiving financial aid and are considering grade replacement we encourage you to consult with the Financial Aid Office.  
  14. I have GI Bill educational benefits. How will grade replacement affect my benefits? VA will pay for courses not successfully completed if the course must be repeated to graduate. However, VA will only pay for one failed attempt per course and it will not pay for courses successfully completed and retaken for a higher grade. Contact your School Certifying Official at veterans@walshcollege.edu to find out how repeating a course will affect your benefits.

If you have additional questions about the policy, how it may benefit you, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact us. 

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