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Richard Chasdi, Ph.D. 

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  • Before joining Walsh College as an associate professor in September 2013, Dr. Chasdi taught at Wayne State University and the University of Windsor. His B.A. is from Brandeis University, his M.A. is from Boston College, and his Ph.D. is from Purdue University in Political Science. Dr. Chasdi has a long and distinguished career in consulting and international problem solving in the security arena, in particular international conflict resolution and mediation. He is the author of three books and several articles and book chapters in refereed publications.

    Dr. Chasdi teaches International Security, International Business Management, and Culture and Doing Business in the Middle East. He also teaches an undergraduate course in Public Administration. He is an internationally recognized specialist in terrorism and counter-terrorism studies and his research interests include multinational corporations’ security in an increasingly globalized world. 

    Dr. Chasdi held an STA at Argonne (from 2015 to 2015). He was also an associate member at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago.

    Dr. Chasdi has national and international media exposure with interviews for Newsweek, China Central Television (CCTV-America), Radio Sputnik (Moscow), British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) Mundo, The American Prospect and National Public Radio (NPR).  He writes blogs for The Huffington Post and has also served as a news consultant about Middle Eastern affairs, terrorism, and counter-terrorism for several television networks in Detroit.

    His book, "Serenade of Suffering: A Portrait of Middle East Terrorism," 1968-1993 (Lexington Books, 1999) received Choice magazine’s “Outstanding Academic Title” in 2000 in the field of international relations. His second book, "Tapestry of Terror: A Portrait of Middle East Terrorism," 1994-1999 was one of five books about Algeria listed in the Times (London) in “All you need to read” (The Times -London, January 25, 2003 – Lexis Nexis Academic Universe).

    Dr. Chasdi was a Distinguished Fellow at the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) in Washington, D.C.,  and a deputy to Dr. Sheila Ronis, who was the chair of PNSR’s Vision Working Group.

    Dr. Chasdi is a member of the Editorial Board of Armed Forces & Society, and a member of the Editorial Board of the on-line journal, Perspectives on Terrorism: A Journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative. He has also served as a member of the International Advisory Board for Terrorism: An Electronic Journal (TEJ). 
    Last Updated: September 2015