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Reading + Lectures + Studying + ? = Classroom Success

Reading, attending lectures, asking questions, and studying is not the complete equation to success in the classroom.  So what is the variable that equates success?  One answer:  Food.  In order to thrive in college we need to be healthy and eat a well balanced diet. 

How often do we take food for granted?
There are still many who cannot afford to put food on the table.  I’ve often heard stories from the teachers at Blackwell Institute (our tutoring outreach program in Detroit) where many kids don’t have the proper nutrients.  In some cases, if they do eat, it is something very sugary or not healthy.  Therefore, it affects them by not being able to perform well in the classroom.  Hunger gets even worse as they are home from school during the summer months, because they go without their free or reduced-fee school meals. 

What is being done to fix this?
Gleaners Food Bank is a wonderful non-profit organization which collects food and distributes to the local area.  In an effort to help feed southeast Michigan children, Gleaners is hosting “Food Fight to Tackle Childhood Hunger” thru July 29.  This is a contest between local businesses of who can collect the most food.  Companies are split into four categories based on number of employees.  Companies with the most donations, wins the Madeline Kafoury Traveling Trophy!  Walsh is proud to be a participant in this competition and more importantly help feed our local community. 

How can I help?
It’s easy and small contributions go a long way.  For example:

4 pounds of food = 1 day of food
$1 = 1 day of food

Non-perishable food can be donated at the Troy and Novi campuses thru July 29.  Monetary donations can also be made at http://www.gcfb.org/walshcollege.

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