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Danielle Cecconi

It feels good to have a little bit of every country in one place. This place is Walsh College, where along with our international students; we have an amazing student organization that everyone can be part of.

International Student Organization (ISO) is today the most active organization on campus, and we couldn’t be more proud. They came to Michigan and choose Walsh College with a purpose – Be Successful in Business!

Moonsun — you can call her Sophia — is earning her Master of Science in Accountancy.  She wants to be a Certified Public Accountant and we are positive she will!

I am Danielle Cecconi — you can call me Danny.  I am earning my Master of Management in Marketing. I’m still not sure what is in store for me when it comes to my professional career. I take every day as a lesson to be learned. I search for the best opportunities that will one day lead me to the right path.

Oh! — I can’t forget to mention that I am the ISO Communication Director and work at the Troy campus part time. You might see me around campus and at events, don’t be shy — stop me and say “hi.”

 Moonsun (left) and me. (We should be embarrassed for ourselves.)

"In everything you do, do it with all your heart." -Sophia Park (Even crackin' the crab!)

Xi Yang is one of our proud students who is very involved in the student life we offer. “Walsh taught me how to be successful in business and what to do to get there, ” she says. Watch Xi Yang - International Student video to learn more.

The ISO organizes the International Day on campus every year. This is a great opportunity to meet the board members and other international students. It’s always good to meet new people and it’s fun to learn a little something about another culture. You will also encounter our international students on campus, where they work part-time while going to school.

International Day

Besides International Day, the International Student Organization has a lot more to offer like barbecues, bowling, skating, trips, and volunteering. If you have an idea to add to that, please let us know!

ISO Bowling 

We “Live.Breathe.Business.” in every language. Walsh College International Student Organization is the whole world in one place.

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