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Jul 24 2013
Your Online Presence (Beyond the Basics)
By: Duc Abrahamson Category: Alumni


Increasingly, your online presence is the first impression made to recruiters, employers, new business partners, associates, and new acquaintances. It is just as important to have favorable search results as it is to keep negative substance off the internet. The basics of your online presence start with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Go above and beyond.

Three ways to increase your online presence beyond the basics:

Leave a Comment

Leave a Comment 

Believe it or not, leaving a comment on blogs can increase your online presence.

Tip: Follow “thought leaders” in your industry you want to emulate. Or better yet, follow potential employers. Leave insightful comments in their blogs. When leaving a comment, use your full name and a professional e-mail address. Be sure to spellcheck your comment before submitting.

Benefits:  The fact that you follow “thought leaders” gives the impression that you are staying current and also looking at the future of where your industry is headed. Commenting on their blogs associates you with that “thought leader.” Using your full name allows the comments to show up in search engine results. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Be the Star

Let everyone know of your promotions, career moves, or awards. Professional associations often publish achievements of their members online.

Tip: Submit a short paragraph describing your achievement with a professional headshot. Stay away from headshots taken in the bathroom mirror or cropped from a night out at the bar.

Benefits: Being connected to a professional association shows that you are serious about your area of expertise. Being listed on their website allows your name to show up in searches that are also linked to keywords in your industry.

Walsh College likes to celebrate our alumni successes and achievements.  Be sure to submit your accomplishments to the Office of Alumni Relations via e-mail or postal mail: Alumni Relations Office, 3838 Livernois Road, Troy, MI 48083. Visit Alumni-in-Action for more information.

Guest Blog


Be a guest blogger for the Walsh College alumni blog. The alumni blog is a platform for alumni to inform readers, share knowledge and give advice in their field of expertise. The blog can point to other blogs; an example of a blog that gives advice is Just Breathe, a blog about managing stress in the workplace. Or point to another webpage; you can find alumni posting their own blogs on the Walsh College Alumni LinkedIn Group. Join today if you are not already a member.

Tip:  Write what you know and what adds value for the readers.  Ask readers to provide feedback and comments on your blog post. Be a leader among leaders by sharing, teaching, and helping others understand your ideas.

Benefits: Being a guest blogger gives you the opportunity to put your thoughts into words for a leadership-filled audience. Walsh College alumni are an elite group of business professionals. Using keywords that are often used in your industry will bring your name into search results as well.

Start the conversation today. Contact Duc Abrahamson, Alumni & Student Relations Manager to submit a blog entry. Entries will be reviewed by the Walsh College Alumni Association Marketing & Communications Committee.

Share other ways to increase your online presence below.


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