Applauding Alumni: Jeff Farrington, BBA '88, MSM '93

Applauding Alumni:
Jeff Farrington, BBA '88, MSM '93

Jeff Farrington

Walsh alumnus and State Representative Jeff Farrington is demonstrating leadership in Lansing, business, and the local community. He is serving his second term representing the 30th House District, which covers parts of Sterling Heights, Utica, and Shelby Township. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1988 and Master of Science in Management in 1993 from Walsh College. He has worked hard to eliminate burdensome regulation in Lansing, create a positive economic environment for business, and provide good jobs for the citizens of Michigan. Prior to his election as a State Representative, Jeff owned his own staffing company.

Interview with Jeff:

How has your past professional experience prepared you for your current role representing Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, and Utica in the Michigan House of Representatives?

“My business experience, both as a leader in a billion- dollar company and as well as being an entrepreneur, has been essential. The perspectives as a business individual, as well as gaining agreement on issues that were up for negotiation, have prepared me for my role as State Representative.”

“During my first year I was the lead negotiator for reforming PA 312, the public safety arbitration law that they’ve been trying to change since 1980. We focused on what was more important to the groups and, in exchange, we convinced them to accept change on the lesser priorities. We received a near unanimous vote.”

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“My number one goal was the repeal of the Michigan Business Tax. The Michigan Business Tax is a double tax on small businesses and on revenue, not income. It was a tough vote since elimination of the pension exemption was part of it. We needed to repeal 10 regulations for each new one we implemented.”

“With this accomplished, my goal now is to put Michigan on the path to become a top economy. I want to do this by cutting $1.5 billion from our first budget, limiting tuition hikes, and repealing the personal property tax. Michigan will then be on the path of being a top economy.”

What is the most difficult part of being a Michigan State Representative?

“The most difficult part is to understand that you don’t have the power to change things on your own. Instead, you need to put together a force of people to move a subject along to get passage.”

If someone wanted to be part of your team, what is it that they need to have?

“I look for honesty and integrity. I can deal with opposing opinions but I have to know that, if you tell me something, you stand behind what you say.”

What is the best business advice you have ever received? What advice would you give a new alumnus or current student?

“Work hard, believe in yourself, and be patient. I find that new employees often don’t understand the hours and the focus needed to achieve success. But just like me, they are impatient in achieving. You will get knocked down along the way. It’s what you do after that happens that matters.” 

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