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Jun 4 2012
LinkedIn 101 Webinar

LinkedIn is a powerful networking site, and the #1 site for working professionals because it is purely professional. You can go to Facebook to share photos and tell jokes. LinkedIn is all business, just like Walsh College. That's why we periodically offer free LinkedIn webinars for our students and alumni, to help train them into making the best use of the technology.

We're taking a break from the webinar series for the summer, and I'd like to share with you a link where you can watch a free playback of the training session for LinkedIn 101. Keep in mind that the technology changes very frequently, so there may be a slightly different look to the LinkedIn homepage when you view the webinar. However, the basic principles covered in this session will be extremely beneficial to any working professional or individual in transition using LinkedIn for their job search.

Trust me, I know. I found my dream job at Walsh College through LinkedIn.

Here are a few takeaways from the webinar. Feel free to share:

My recommended LinkedIn profile checklist

Adding Your Personal LinkedIn URL (website address) to your email footer (aka, email signature):

Personalizing Your LinkedIn invitations (I really wish they would not make this optional!):

A few suggestions on items you could use for your status updates:

Watch a free playback of the webinar here:

Feel free to invite me to connect with you. But please be sure to personalize your invitation, or you'll get those three words back from me: "Have We Met"?


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