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Jan 21 2013
LinkedIn Webinar Training

My story at Walsh College begins with LinkedIn. Back in 2008, I found my dream job at Walsh through LinkedIn. At the time I was working full time and ready to make a career change, and knew that due to the economy, my competition (other job seekers) would have the full day to dedicate to their job search, whereas I had to fit it in after the kids were in bed and on the weekends. I knew my approach had to be different. I found that LinkedIn was an ideal approach.

Since that time, I've found LinkedIn to be even more useful to me as a working professional. Why? Here are a few reasons: 

  1. LinkedIn can be used as a virtual rolodex. Nowadays, I connect with people on LinkedIn as we exchange business cards and/or email addresses. Then, when I need to find their contact information, I look them up on LinkedIn.
  2. LinkedIn is purely professional. I can spend time sharing photos and talking about current events on Facebook. LinkedIn is different because it's purely professional.
  3. You can find working professionals and those in transition on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not a "job search site" and it actually attracts people from all backgrounds and experience levels. Sure, some people use it for their job search. I've found the smart ones to use it more extensively for networking.
  4. You can find information on companies and people on LinkedIn. Many companies like Walsh College have a company page on LinkedIn where we post product (degree) information, news, updates, and much more.
  5. There are three degrees of connections on LinkedIn. If you want a warm introduction to a person or a company, chances are someone on LinkedIn can help. Maybe even me!
  6. LinkedIn allows you to showcase and highlight your expertise. Although I've heard that LinkedIn is disabling their "answers" section, I have found a variety of areas within LinkedIn where my skills can be demonstrated and highlighted. Check out my recommendations and endorsements, and also my responses to discussion questions within groups, as a few examples of this.

We at Walsh know the value of offering training on LinkedIn to our students and alumni, since we're a leading professional business college and LinkedIn is the #1 site for business professionals. Learn more during an upcoming webinar. Details at www.walshcollege.edu/Webinars. It's free to attend these sessions (dial-in charges may apply, depending on your PC's settings for audio stream).

Our next session is this Thursday, January 24 from 12:15 to 1 p.m. Please spread the word.


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