Applauding Alumni: Lorraine Goodrich

Applauding Alumni:
Lorraine Goodrich, MSF ‘03

Lorraine Goodrich

Lorraine is the chief financial officer for Automotive Industry Action Group, a global trade association located in Southfield, Mich.  Her 30-year background includes financial management and accounting positions in the not-for-profit, software, medical, and agriculture service industries.  She obtained her CPA early in her career, and in 2003 obtained a Masters in Finance from Walsh College.  Lorraine serves on the board of directors for Bloomfield Youth Guidance, as well as on the board committee for The Empowerment Plan in Detroit.

Interview with Lorraine:

What was your job title before you started Walsh?  

“Controller. My position was more transaction and accounting oriented.” 

What is your job title now?

“CFO. My current position is a great mix of strategic activities, risk management, finance, and accounting.  You have to be able to do it all and jump back and forth with ease.”

How did Walsh College influence you? 

“I already had my CPA but wanted to add some additional financial management classes to my resume.  I was very interested in becoming a CFO.  Walsh has an amazing professional reputation and it definitely helped me to obtain my current position at AIAG.  The information I learned in my Investments class has allowed me to manage our portfolio during dramatic stock market changes.  I am able to understand and analyze our portfolio, communicate with investment managers at a high level and guide our board of directors in our portfolio strategy. “

What struggles did you experience and how did you get through them? 

“As a single mom working full-time, I was only able to take one night class at a time.  My son was in Boy Scouts and I was studying in my tent on weekend camping trips.  This helped me learn the value of time management.  When you have so many things to juggle at once, you get very good at prioritizing.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?  

“I think my greatest accomplishment is bringing up my fantastic son.  He is currently in medical school and I could not be more proud of what a wonderful young man he has become.“

Why would you encourage people to attend Walsh College? 

“In today’s competitive job market, an advanced degree from Walsh can really send your resume to the top of the pile! The networking opportunities are exceptional.  Walsh was also a great fit for me as a working professional. “

What advice would you give a new alum or current student? 

“Join as many groups and associations as you can early in your career.  You never know who you may meet who could one day assist you in your career and life.  Whether it comes naturally to you or not, always try to be a people-person.  Finance professionals are not necessarily known for their people skills, but I have learned throughout my career that being a people-person makes all the difference at higher management levels.  You should always try to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.”

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