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Jul 16 2014
Bad Case of the Mondays
By: Mari Pionk Category: Student Life


As Sunday night approaches you can’t help but sit and reflect on the past weekend’s events. Summer time in Michigan is filled with adventures, new discoveries, family and friends, good food and creating memories; one can’t help but tune out reality for 48 hours and live life.

If you’re like me, you’ll have hit snooze at least twice on Monday morning. You’re unable to register that it really is, in fact, Monday morning already. It seems impossible that the weekend went by that quickly. You go through your normal morning routine. You are physically present but, looking back, you were definitely sleep walking.  

You get to work, fill up your coffee for the second time, log onto your computer and you are greeted with far too many emails then you expected, and instantly you are bogged down, not knowing where to start.

Regaining focus, productivity, and the ability to maintain your workload is somewhat of an epidemic. It is something that many of us struggle with; we begin the work week counting down the hours until Friday at five o’clock. Why is that? Why are we constantly rushing through life; how do they say it…working for the weekend?

I want you to value the importance of a healthy balance, a balance between your personal and professional life. I have this picture on my desk that I stare at every day which says, “Never confuse having a to-do list with having a life.” It will benefit you greatly if you learn this “lesson” at an early age, before life gets far more overwhelming than it already is. The ability to control a healthy balance has a lot to do with regaining focus and control over things that you are capable of changing.

Ask yourself the question,” Why do I lose focus in the first place? Am I hungry? Bored? Tired? Faced with a discouraging task that seems impossible to start?” The reasons could be countless, but figuring out what has you lost in translation could be a lot more beneficial than you think.

Now let’s shift extremes just a little bit. Does anyone face this problem of focus after they leave work or school? The ability to disconnect from work and regain focus on life, seems more of a challenge for some than focusing at work. Put the cell phone down, don’t check your email after five o’clock, (okay realistically 8 p.m.), and be just as much in the moment in your personal life as you need to be in your professional life.

What I am trying to say is, whatever has you pulled in multiple directions, learn how to control it…manage it and learn from it. Consistently work on ways to improve your work ethic, your drive and your motivation while, at the same time, not losing track of life while you’re at it.

The work will always be there, but life has a funny way of “flying by.” Find a way to swoosh the “Bad case of the Mondays” out of the door, and welcome opportunity and excitement. Focus on the work that makes you feel valuable and accomplished or the co-workers who brighten your day. Find whatever it is that makes you not wish the work week by, and FOCUS.



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