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Thursday, July 13, 2017 - Walsh College Announces Curriculum Changes for Fall Semester in Decision Science, Accounting, and Finance

A changing business environment and a desire to continue to fulfill its commitment of educating tomorrow’s business leaders has prompted several fall curriculum additions at Walsh College.

The Decision Science Department has new offerings at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, and a new certificate program. Students can now choose between Business Information Systems and Cybersecurity as concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program, while Data Science, and Global Project and Program Management concentrations are available in the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program. There is also a new graduate-level Global Project and Program Management certificate available for fall.

The Accounting Department adds a Data Analytics concentration in the Master of Science in Accountancy for Accounting Graduates (MAC) program, while the Finance Department offers a Financial Investments concentration in the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and the dual MBA/MSF programs.

“The business world is changing rapidly, and Walsh College is committed to keeping up with those changes by offering relevant degree programs and concentrations,” said Michael Rinkus, DBA, interim executive vice president and chief academic officer at Walsh College. “After much research and dialog with the business community, we have found the need for specialized training in these select areas.

“We take pride in the knowledge that when our graduates leave Walsh College, they are ready to step into the business world and immediately make a difference. These new offerings will allow them to continue to do so.”

The Cybersecurity concentration in the BSIT program enables undergraduate students to gain experience in a highly specialized and in-demand field. Students develop confidence and expertise through hands-on training and drills in the College’s Cyber Lab.

The Global Project and Program Management concentration and certificate are designed to prepare IT professionals to better integrate, coordinate, and balance resources to achieve project goals that meet time, quality, risk, and financial constraints.
Finance Lab The Data Science concentration in the MSIT prepares students to employ business knowledge, quantitative methods, and information technology tools and techniques to analyze and interpret data sets, and to communicate their findings in ways that benefit their organization.

“Today’s continually evolving technology has changed the way businesses gather and use data,” said Barbara Ciaramitaro, Ph.D., chair of Decision Science, professor of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, and director of the Center for Cybersecurity Leadership at Walsh. “Data Science is an emerging field. We’re teaching our students how to apply strategic, ethical, and innovative thinking to achieve organizational goals.”

The growing need to interpret data is also the driving force behind the Data Analytics concentration in the MAC.

"Data analytics is imperative for companies that wish to employ successful financial accounting practices,” said John Black, chair and professor, Accounting Department at Walsh. “The era of ‘big data’ is upon us, and accounting professionals must have the analytical tools to remain competitive in today's business environment.

"Data analytics has become a must-have skill for all business managers and particularly for accountants." 

The Financial Investments concentration provides students with an opportunity to learn the essentials of building a successful investment portfolio. As part of their learning experience, students have the opportunity to engage in real-world trading of funds available in the Michigan Alpha Project, and use the analytical tools and programs in the College's award-winning Finance Lab.

Greg Todd, chair and associate professor in the College’s Finance Department, said while all MSF students are required to take an investments course, the concentration gives a depth and breadth of exposure to future practitioners. He added that he expects a number of students who complete the Financial Investments concentration to be interested in pursuing the CFA professional certification after graduating.

Fall registration opens Aug. 7. Classes begin Sept. 27. Visit http://www.walshcollege.edu/registrationdates for more information on all of Walsh College’s degree programs and concentrations.