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May 21 2013
Graduation is Not the End of Learning
By: Duc Abrahamson Category: Alumni


Graduation is not the end of learning

By Guest Blogger: Crystal Arcicovich, BBA ‘09
WCAA Marketing & Communications Committee Chair

Managing your career is a lifelong process. Many will ask, “What should I do with my life?” In order to be a successful professional, your focus should be on the following three things: competition, networks, and risk.


To beat the competition, you need to develop a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is what differentiates you from those with similar skills, and is comprised of assets, aspirations, and market realities. Your assets are what you have going NOW, your aspirations are where you might like to go in the FUTURE, and lastly, your market realities are what people will actually pay for you. The best career has you pursuing aspirations utilizing your assets, while working within the market realities.


Building your network really means interacting and building relationships with people. Because, when it's all boiled down, people control resources, opportunities, and information. As stated in the slideshow below, “The people you spend time with shape who you are and who you become.” And the best way to meet new people is through the warm introductions of those you already know. Enhance your current Walsh connections by connecting with alumni at the August Walsh College Alumni Association (WCAA) Golf Outing.



Last but not least, risk is the third objective that pushes a person towards a successful profession. I am a firm believer that unless you try and take risks, you will never know what plan works best for you. And please know you will make mistakes, you might even fail. But making mistakes is part of the learning process and is solely what makes a person grow into someone stronger than they were the day before. Learn by doing, not by watching. The best opportunities have the most question marks.

The slide show link below- Amazing Career Advice for College Grads from LinkedIn's Billionaire Founder- elaborates what I’ve discussed. I highly encourage you to view all of the slides and really take away all that it offers, as I am sure it reaches everyone in a different way. Stop to think, revaluate, and take chances. Don’t let life pass you by, but instead embrace all that life has to offer. You’ll never know unless you try to use your competitive advantage while leaning on those in your inner network. 



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