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On-Campus Recruiting, Ready or Not

Fall On-Campus Recruiting season is just about upon us here at Walsh. Fall is the time of year that accounting firms come to campus to recruit students for internships and open positions. I have worked in Career Services at several places and for more than a few years, but like many of you, this is my first year for experiencing On-Campus Recruiting (OCR). Here are a few of my thoughts so far:

  • If you want a career in accounting, this is the place to start!
  • Students are excited for OCR and recruiters are too. Recruiters want to make a great company impression as much as students want to be prepared and professional. While you are getting your resume reviewed and meeting with Career Services to hone your interview skills, recruiters are scheduling their times for Meet & Greets, Presentations and OCR’s. They want to come to campus, they want to meet and get to know candidates, and they want to be able to hire our students.
  • Students want to be competitive in the job marketplace and employers are competitive too. While you are trying to get the earliest available appointment with Career Services, employers are vying for the first open recruiting dates and want to know what other firms are doing to promote themselves. Recruiters ask: When is the BEST time to come to campus? When will we see the MOST students?
  • And don’t forget about Career Services. We are just as anxious for you to get hired as you are. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to review your resume and practice interviewing. Attend a workshop to receive information on all of the fall recruiting events as well as interview skills. Being prepared is the key and we are doing all we can to help you make a great impression with employers.

What can you do to be the best candidate and make the most of this great opportunity?

  • Meet with Career Services to review and update your resume and to do a mock interview. Get out all your nervousness with us. The more you practice the better you will be.
  • Attend an OCR/Interview Information session to prepare for Fall Recruiting. Understand what each event is about and learn what to expect and what is expected of you.
  • Check the Career Services web and portal pages often to find out which firms will be on campus and when.
  • Log in to eRecruiting to find and apply for OCR positions.
  • Research the companies you are interested in working for. Find out what the company is all about, what the company culture is like, and what they are seeking in recruits. Be prepared to show your interest and ask and answer questions that show you have done your research.
  • Be professional when meeting with employers. Dress the part, make eye contact, introduce yourself, give a firm handshake, listen to what the employer has to say, answer questions articulately, and be prepared with questions to ask the employer.

Each of us are coming to OCR with our own specialty; students bring the education, employers offer the opportunities, and Career Services provides the resources. This is an exciting time for all involved and it’s great that we all have the same goal – Get Walsh Students Hired! Best of luck to all of you this recruiting season.

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