Walsh College

Student Success Services

Walsh College wants to make every effort available to provide you with keys to a successful educational experience. One of the programs offered here at Walsh is the Student Success Services, coordinated by Maria Corace. With over 28 years experience at Walsh College, Maria's focus is to help get you set for academic success. The Student Success Services equips you with extensive opportunities for additional academic assistance for your online and on-ground courses.

Current Student Success Services include:

Richard E. Pearson Student Success Tutoring Labs - (free of charge)

Through the program students can receive assistance to improve their study, note, and test taking skills.

This is available for students enrolled in the following courses: 

    • Accounting (ACC 301, 302, 303, 310 and 411)
    • Finance (FIN 310, 315, 510, 515 and 579)
    • Quantitative Methods (QM 202, 301, 500, 503, 515 and 520)
    • Writing and Oral Presentation (Communications) Open to any enrolled Walsh College student

For current lab schedule, please visit our Walsh Tutoring Services page and look for the "Current Lab Schedule" link.

Walsh College Student Success Services - (free of charge)

English as a Second Language (ESL) Open to any enrolled Walsh College student

Arthur Strunk Accounting Workshops - (free of charge)

The Accounting Workshops are 4-week workshops taught by accounting adjuncts on Saturday mornings, and last approximately 3 hours each week. These workshops are available for students enrolled in the following accounting courses: 

    • ACC 300/500
    • ACC 301/501
    • ACC 302/502
    • ACC 508

During the Fall and Winter semesters, the workshops take place at the Troy and Novi campus; for Spring semester, it is offered in Troy only. Please contact Diane Barrantes at 248-823-1281 to register, or to answer any questions.

Accounting Lab Reviews - (free of charge)

This is offered on weekend prior to exams. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours, and is open to students enrolled in specific accounting courses. Please visit our Walsh Tutoring Services page and look for the "Accounting Review Sessions" link.


Tutoring is available for students looking for more personalized assistance with coursework. Tutoring is available in a variety of formats: 

    • On Ground Peer Group Tutoring
    • Individual Tutoring
    • Online Tutoring* 

            * Please note, online tutoring is only available in specific online courses.

You may select a tutor and access their contact information here. Email the tutoring department at tutoring@walshcollege.edu or call Maria Corace at 248-823-1132. Please note: Walsh may not always have a tutor available. However, we will do our best to provide a tutor for those making a request.

Share your knowledge and build your professional resume while helping others. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please fill out an application. Walsh students with a 3.5+ GPA are eligible. Tutors are compensated for their services.

Walsh College Testing Center

The Testing Center provides a professional and secure environment for test administration for Walsh College students and members of the community. We adhere to nationally recognized standards and guidelines and promote honesty, integrity, and fairness in all procedures.

The Testing Center is located at the Troy Campus across from the cafeteria. To ensure availability, we recommend that all make-up exams and assessment testing are made by appointment.

The Testing Center currently proctors the following exams: 

    • Undergraduate Communication Assessment Testing
    • Graduate Communication Assessment Testing
    • Make-up Exams
    • Accounting Placement
    • MTELP
    • Walsh Students who require special accommodations
    • Non-Walsh Exams

Please visit the Walsh Testing Center webpage for hours and testing guidelines. You may also contact via email at testingcenter@walshcollege.edu or call 248-823-1692.