Walsh College

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Mentor Program 

Walsh College offers students and alumni the opportunity to connect as business professionals in their areas of interest. Mentors can provide invaluable advice on career paths and share insights they have gained along the way. 

Currently, we have students waiting for mentors.  If you would like to become a mentor, apply at: Mentor Application


  • Completion of our program application

  • Ability to commit two hours of your time for one semester

  • Attend two events (our Kickoff and our June 2 Mentor Program Dinner)

  • A willingness to ask for/give career advice via a method of communication best suited for both parties (email, LinkedIn, texting, phone, in-person meetings, Skype) depending on preferences and availability


*Participation in the program depends on the number of students/mentors who have applied with similar interests; an application does not guarantee that you will be matched with a mentor.

*This program is designed to support your personal and professional growth.  It is not intended to serve as an avenue for hiring, result in a promise of employment, or be used for transacting business.     




Communication Workshops


Troy Campus, 4:30-5:30, Success Center Room 123 

April 26: APA Format: Review APA format needed for all of your classes.

May 3: Clear, Concise, and Precise: Learn to cut words without cutting content!

May 2: Don’t Just Do It, Design It, with Dr. Jen O’Meara: Learn design practices for choosing or creating templates, colors, and fonts for PowerPoints. Students are encouraged to bring laptops.

May 10: Ask the COM Professor: Bring your questions on apostrophes, semicolons, PowerPoint--anything COM related.

May 24: APA Format: Ask specific APA questions on a paper you are working on.

No registration necessary