Walsh College

Exercises and Games

Rote memorization is no longer a preferred method of learning. In fact, many researchers believe that interactive learning which takes place in a specific context is more likely to be remembered and applied. With that in mind, below is a list of flash-based interactive learning modules that can improve your skills, or remind you of talents that may have been forgotten. Click around and enjoy!

    •  Managing stress
    •  Motivation
    •  Problem solving
    •  Scheduling: 
French, German, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian
    •  Managing by exception
    •  Succeeding in continuing/higher education
    •  To do list:
Serbian, German, French, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish
    •  Prioritizing tasks:
German, French, Spanish

Classroom Participation
    •  Active listening
    •  Classroom presentations
    •  Classroom discussions
    •  Presenting a positive image
    •  Completing a class assignment
    •  Collaborative conflict resolution
    •  Paying attention (in the classroom)
    •  Presenting projects and speeches
    •  Public speaking
    •  Public speaking match game
    •  Notecards

Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
    •  Critical reading
    •  Narrators and characters
in fiction point of view
    •  Reading fiction:
narrator and character types
    •  Reading speed

Citing Websites
    •  AMA
    •  APA
    •  Chicago
    •  MLA
    •  Turabian/Web

    •  Identifying audience
    •  Prewriting and drafts
    •  Prefixes and root words
    •  Transitional words and phrases
    •  Transitional phrases game

    •  Analogies
    •  Picturing vocabulary
    •  Prefixes

    •  Assessing study skills
    •  Budgeting
    •  Effective habits for
effective study:
    •  Flashcards
    •  Genius!
    •  Radical thinking
    •  Learning to learn
    •  Mapping for learning demo
    •  Mapping I: creating your own
    •  Mapping II: creating your own

    •  Thinking like a genius/
creative problem solving
    •  Thinking like a genius/
famous thinkers
    •  Concentrating while studying

    •  Acronyms
    •  Acrostics
    •  Rhymes
    •  Loci
    •  Keywords
    •  Image-naming
    •  Chaining

Math and Science
    •  PEMDAS I
    •  PEMDAS II
    •  Evaluating algebraic expressions
    •  Solving linear equations: 
Chinese, Spanish
    •  Math word problems
    •  Math word problems
first level
    •  Math word problems
second level
    •  Scientific method: case study
    •  Sudoku 数独

    •  Review tools for tests
    •  Taking online tests
    •  Test tips
    •  Short answer tests
    •  True-false tests

Online communication
    •  Accessible Web site design
    •  Netiquette