Walsh College

Reading and Research

In the academic world, we receive most of our information through reading. We read textbooks, essays, newspapers, notes, etc. How well we comprehend the information is more important than how fast we can get through it. Yet, most of us don’t have the time to leisurely read through our textbooks. And so, we often compromise on comprehension for the sake of speed. The reading strategies below will help you develop the reading skills necessary for today’s fast-paced academic and business worlds.

We all read at different levels and speeds. Like any skill, reading requires practice. Use the methods outlined here and watch your reading skills improve.
    •  Reading critically
    •  Pre-reading strategies
    •  SQ3R reading method
    •  KWL reading method
    •  Marking & underlining
    •  Reading difficult material
    •  Interpretive reading
    •  Reading essays
    •  Reading fiction
    •  Narrator and character types
    •  Speed and comprehension
Academic research is an exact science. Bibliographies and citations need to be structured in very specific ways. Browse the topics below for excellent reminders regarding your research methodologies. 
    •  Writing research papers
    •  Researching on the Internet
    •  Summarizing reading
    •  Summarizing research
    •  Evaluating website content
    •  Organizing research: computers
    •  Organizing research: note cards
    •  Citing websites