Walsh College

Time and Project Management

It’s hard to get things done if you don’t make time for it. As a Walsh student, it’s likely that you’re trying to balance school, work and family life. That’s where time and project management techniques become most important. This section includes a wide variety of proven techniques that will help you learn how to multitask more efficiently and effectively.

Managing Time and Projects
Setting schedules and prioritizing tasks can make the difference between success and failure in the scholastic world as well as the working world. Find the method that works best for you from the links below.
    •  Time management
    •  My daily schedule
    •  My daily schedule
    •  My weekly schedule
    •  Organizing my tasks
    •  Scheduling your school calendar
    •  Creating to-do lists
    •  Avoiding procrastination
    •  Developing self-discipline

Problem Solving/Decision Making
We make decisions nearly every minute of our day, from what to eat for breakfast to what to wear to bed. For more complex problems, there are a number of techniques that can help you better understand the problem and make more logical decisions.
    •  Overview
    •  Defining and gathering
    •  Alternatives
    •  Implementation
    •  Graphic overview: problem solving
    •  Creative problem solving
    •  Analogies in problem solving
    •  Adaptive decision making
    •  Managing by exception
    •  Managing stress

Project Management
How organized are you? While most of us can organize small projects, it’s very easy to nearly drown in the details of larger projects. Here are some tips for managing projects, from the very small to the very challenging.
    •  Completing a class assignment
    •  Organizing challenging projects
    •  Project management .pdf
Organizing form
    •  Developing case studies
    •  Spreadsheets and budgets
    •  Setting your (school) budget
    •  Following the scientific method
    •  Lab safety
Presenting Projects
Seventy five percent of people have an anxiety about public speaking. Yet many classes and careers include a presentation component. Take some tips from the pro’s and see how quickly you can become comfortable speaking in public.
    •  Presenting projects/speeches
    •  Public speaking
    •  Presenting your positive image/
creating your "brand"
    •  Public speaking match game

Self Motivation/Project Management
Who are you doing this for? Your willingness to improve your education may be inspired by your spouse, a family member or a specific goal. In the end, though, there is only one person who can motivate you to go the extra mile: you. Here are a few exercises that will help you keep you motivated and ready for any challenges.
    •  Exercise/Development
    •  Intrinsic and Extrinsic values
    •  Project development/mentors
    •  Progress and Project Review