Walsh College

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Request Form

It is the policy of the Financial Aid Office of Walsh College to provide financial assistance to students who remain in good academic standing and who make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree while receiving financial aid.

In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility while attending Walsh College, a student must meet both a Qualitative Factor (grade point average) and a Quantitative Factor (pace) described in this section.

Please note: Excessive withdrawals, incomplete coursework, drops, retroactive drops, repeated courses, and non-credit remedial coursework count as attempted coursework, and may cause you to be placed on SAP probation which could possibly jeopardize future financial aid eligibility.

 Qualitative Factor – This is the cumulative grade point average a student must achieve in order to receive financial aid.

 Quantitative Factor – This is the pace a student must achieve in order to complete their degree within the maximum timeframe. 

Undergraduate students: Undergraduate students must have a cumulative grade point average at Walsh College of 2.000 or higher.  Undergraduate students must successfully complete 67% of their cumulative credits attempted (including transfer credits).  Undergraduate students must complete their degree within 150% of the length of the program which is 190.50 attempted credits (this includes transfer credits). 

Graduate students: Graduate students must have a cumulative grade point average commensurate with their degree program:  2.000 for MAC, MST, and non-degree Certificate programs, and 3.000 for all other degree programs.  Graduate students must complete 50% of their coursework attempted.

The College evaluates each financial aid student's academic progress at the end of each semester.  Students who do not meet both GPA and pace requirements listed above will be placed on a warning status.  Students are eligible to receive financial aid while on a warning status for their next semester of attendance.  Their ability will be reviewed at the end of the warning status semester and must meet the qualitative and quantitative factors above to continue receiving financial aid.

Students who have lost their financial aid after a warning status may appeal the loss of financial aid by completing the SAP Appeal Form .  Students wishing to appeal must use this online form.  Other forms of appeals will not be accepted.

Students who appeal and can mathematically meet the minimum GPA and/or pace requirements will be placed on a Financial Aid Probation semester and will be eligible for one additional semester of aid.  Students on Financial Aid Probation will be reevaluated at the end of the following semester.  Students who still fail to meet the minimum GPA and/or pace requirements will lose additional aid eligibility until they meet the GPA and pace requirements. 

Students who appeal and cannot mathematically meet the qualitative and quantitative standards in one semester will either be placed on an academic plan by the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services or will have their appeal denied.