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Jun 6 2012
Privacy on Social Media

Some people are very open to sharing personal information and being active in multiple social networking sites. Others are so scared of the technology and privacy issues that they have yet to set up a Facebook or LinkedIn account. Where do you fall?

I watched a video this morning that was surprisingly funny, and thought you might want to view it:

It's true - unless you know the person and can validate who is using the account, we really don't know who you're talking to on the Internet.

As far as how comfortable I am sharing my personal information, I fall someplace in the middle of the spectrum. I use social media and social networking for both personal and professional reasons, so I have to be comfortable with the technology. But as a woman and as a mom, I have to be careful how much information I share publicly. I've found a few tips particularly helpful to achieve this balance:

You can be active in social networking and be careful of your privacy at the same time.


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