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Interested in becoming a more efficient student? Wondering if there is a way to more effectively capture information? Ready to become better at studying and taking tests? Then the Walsh College Study Guide Website is the place for you. It’s an ever-growing collection of links to some of the most popular and effective learning resources available today, all assembled in one place for your convenience. Whether you need specific assistance in a specific area, or are simply searching for tips that you can use in any class, take a few minutes to explore the links inside.

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A Note About Plagiarism

Walsh College does not allow plagiarism in any form. For the Walsh Honor Code, visit www.walshcollege.edu/About_Us/. For detailed information defining plagiarism and demonstrating how to identify it, Rutgers University provides a comprehensive guide at sociology.camden.rutgers.edu/curriculum/plagiarism.htm. To detect aspects of plagiarism, as well as check the grammar of your work, visit www.grammarly.com.

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