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Jul 16 2014
The Move

I've been here 12 1/2 years and time sure does fly by.  Over the years, I've sat at four different cubicle stations and I'm about to add a fifth to that list.  If you haven't heard, the Troy campus is getting a makeover.  Over the next 18 months you'll see an amazing transformation that we're all excited about!  Portions of the north and west side of the Troy campus willb e undergoing a complete renovation, which includes student services.  There are a lot of emotions rolling through my mind as I'm writing this...

Pass the Tissue, Please

As our office prepares to clear things out or box it up, it's a little hard thinking that everything you've known is about to change.  Obviously it's for the better and the end result will be great.  It's like leaving high school and having that nervous uncertainity about what's to come down the road.

Next week my department is scheduled to move and split, literally.  Some of us will remain on campus and other will be moved to an offise office location.  It feels like you're splitting up the family.  I'm no longer going to sit next to the person I've seen every day for close to 13 years.  It will be an adjustment for all of us.  But who said change was easy?!  We've already talked about having reunions on campus for lunch dates and meetings.  The best thing is about this move is that we'll get to know people from other departments much better, more than just saying hello when passing by.

What is That?

We’ve spent time going thru our cabinets, drawers, closets, and storage.  Found things you long forgotten about or found things that you were looking for and it finally appeared again!  It is amazing the little gems we’ve found… dusty, bizarre, and things that are much older than me!

It’s fun to reminisce about past times and exciting to see what is coming in the near future.  Here is one item that was found.  Looks like an Admissions flyer from possibly the 1990s?!

We really cleaned out our desks and offices.  You may have seen some of the “Free” items on display in the Troy campus cafeteria.

The Road Ahead

Even though we are moving, you’ll still get the same great service, just in a different location.  Starting in August, Troy campus student service offices will be temporarily relocated to the space previously occupied by Online Learning.  Relocated departments include:  Admissions & Advising, Business Office, Career Services, Financial Aid, and Records & Registration.  Entrance doors are near the bookstore.  New signage will be posted soon and will direct you to the student service offices.  Phone numbers and mailing addresses for all personnel will remain the same.

Note:  Development, Division of Online Learning, Human Resources, Marketing, President’s Office and Walsh Institute will be relocated at an offsite location.  If you need to meet with a staff member from one of these departments, please call to set up an appointment at the Troy campus.

As for the end result, I’ve seen the renderings of the remodel and they look great.  You’ll see modern and interactive meeting space, additional study areas for you to mix and mingle with students, a lounge, and improved privacy for your appointments with staff.  Expect to see some big changes in the next 18 months!  Make sure to keep updated on the progress.  Details are available here.

What are you most excited to see?


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