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Top 10 Media Tips You Should Be Doing

Use videos and images

If you use social media often, you know images and videos are popular, especially if there’s a viral video. This gets shared more often over a text status, and adds more to a story. It also makes “for more diverse readership,” as Carol Ladwig from the Snoqualmie Valley Record says.

Create mobile friendly sites

Just about everyone has a smart phone today, especially with all the young, tech-savvy millennials. We use them to shop online, post on social media, and to get information on current news. With that, you need to be sure your mobile site is readable and user-friendly.

Use social media to maintain relationships

As a millennial myself, I tend to catch up with others online. I can tweet my friend in Hawai’i, use Facebook with my pen pal in Africa, or I can network with fellow Delta Mu Delta members on LinkedIn. Social media is a great tool for building and maintaining those distant relationships.

Monitor public opinion

Follow what’s being said about your company. Sites like Hootsuite and Google Trends make it easy to manage your social media. You can see opinions on your products or how you rank among others. Use it to tweet back at an unhappy customer, or get involved in a hashtag.

Use social media as a source

If you tweet about current events, or write article summaries on LinkedIn, link to other’s social media to join the conversation. Someone who lives next to a current event happening could have more insight into it, so see what they’re saying and reference them when possible.

Be current with social media

According to Cision, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Periscope are the highest ranked growing social sites. That’s where your consumers are, so every company should be on social media. It’s a great way to interact with your audience, and to create a more personal connection.

Report correctly, not first

When the latest news is going around, we follow and post about it as it happens. Because of that, we create errors in our messages, or give incorrect info. Be the one to report correct info instead, because people will look to you for accuracy, even if it’s hours after others have reported on it.

Use multimedia integration

Don’t just post photos on Instagram, post videos to mix it up. Don’t just post one sentence on Twitter, post a picture. On YouTube, create a 360° video for content diversity. You could even put an ad in the background of your 360° video for people to see as they ‘move around’ the room.

Incorporate media around print

We know that print and traditional ways of advertising are dying out, so instead of letting them completely go away, incorporate social media. You could post links about your recent articles on social media, share company photos, and overall create conversation around yourself.

Motivate millennials

Millennials are one of the largest growing groups in the country, who are more knowledgeable and likely to respond online. They’re a large part of your audience, so get them involved with your brand. Start an online campaign, and get millennials motivated with your message.

What are some ways you have used media to further your message?



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