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WCMA Launch Party

On July 10th 2013, the Walsh College MBA Association (WCMA) introduced itself to Walsh College by hosting a Launch party in the court yard right outside the cafeteria at the Troy Campus.  It was an ambitious approach by the student leaders involved in WCMA, based on the principles that this organization believes in the Launch party started as an idea and brought to fruition by being proactive and resolute. The Launch party itself which was set up like a networking event provided an opportunity for MBA students to enhance their relationship with other MBA students, faculty and staff. The event was appraised to be a great success, there was an excellent exchange of ideas which created an atmosphere of interdependent learning all traits aligning with the vision that WCMA stands for.

Looking Ahead:

Now that we have presented ourselves as a proper student organization, where do we go from here? Let’s take a look at our vision,to create an organization that will allow MBA students to reach their highest potential. What should be done to make sure that the members reach their highest potential? WCMA has reached out to various industry leaders in HealthCare and Automotive to share their knowledge and expertise with the members. WCMA is in pursuit to adopt a road, giving back to the community. WCMA is also participating in the golf outing set up by the Walsh College Alumni Association, enhancing the networking skills for all those who participate.

It is important to realize that our lives are carefully designed by us, the choices we make create a path to prosperity or otherwise. WCMA will strive to point out the road signs but the individuals will have to walk the path themselves.

For a complete listing of student organizations visit the Walsh College Student Network. For more WCMA information contact Fahad Abbasi, WCMA President fahadabbasi_01@hotmail.com or the advisors, Jason Sweet jsweet2@walshcollege.edu or Dr. Linda Hagan lhagan@walshcollege.edu

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