Alumni Success: Police Chief Tom Lindberg

Police Chief Tom Lindberg intended to go to law school and become an attorney after earning his bachelor’s degree. While taking a break after college to get real-world experience, he discovered his passion for working in law enforcement. Lindberg was hired by the Novi Police Department in 1986 and never looked back. An opportunity for a Lieutenant position and the desire for career alternatives after retirement influenced Lindberg to pursue a graduate degree. He never expected a business degree from Walsh to be part of his plan.

Lindberg had worked with Walsh Management Professor Lee Meadows, Ph.D. when Dr. Meadows facilitated a diversity training program for the Novi Police Department. They also served on a community committee together. When Lindberg mentioned he was thinking about going back to school, Dr. Meadows encouraged him to consider Walsh for his graduate degree.

When Lindberg applied to Walsh, he was intimidated by the idea of going back to school while juggling a family and a full time job. The flexibility of evening classes and the helpful resources offered by Walsh made the juggling act easier. He remembers many nights spent around a kitchen table studying with his two daughters, Kelsey Rose and Samantha.

“Don’t think of (going back to school) as a daunting task,” Lindberg said. “A Walsh education is a very good tool to help you advance in the working world.”

One thing that surprised Lindberg about his experience at Walsh was the diversity of the students. His classmates ranged from undergraduate students out of high school to people older than him from the automotive industry working toward a career change. Lindberg’s interactions with other students and faculty helped him gain a broader perspective.

Lindberg earned his Master of Management from Walsh in 2011 and soon had the opportunity to interview for the position of Chief of Police in Milford. When during the interview process he was asked why he pursued a graduate degree in business rather than criminal justice, he explained that the police department’s success depended on a balance of law enforcement and consistent business practices.

“I’m no longer kicking down doors and catching bad guys,” he said. “You’re hiring me to run your business – this police department.”

Lindberg’s favorite part of being Police Chief is interacting with the people in his community. He values getting to know the citizens and the business owners personally. Beyond the walls of Milford’s police department, Lindberg spends much of his time outdoors kayaking, going on bike rides, and trying to improve his golf game. He even found time to graduate from the FBI National Academy.

Chief Lindberg is proof that a Walsh business or technology degree can take you anywhere.

Ready to find out where a Walsh business or technology degree can take you?

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