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What is student learning outcomes assessment?

Student learning outcomes assessment is a systematic process of continuous improvement.

This process involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information depicting student learning. This information is subsequently used to modify and improve student learning and teaching at the course, program, and institutional level.

Student learning outcomes assessment is a collaborative effort between faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the business community. At Walsh College, this process helps to ensure that students meet the learning goals and objectives established by each program as well as the student-related departments.

Why conduct student learning outcomes assessment?

Student learning outcomes assessment demonstrates to our stakeholders, public policy-makers, as well as the regional and specialty accreditors that Walsh graduates have successfully attained not only the learning goals and objectives defined by each program but that they have also achieved the institution-level core competencies.

In addition, the student learning outcomes assessment process provides accountability measures to meet the accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC; www.hlcommission.org / or phone 312-263-0456), Walsh’s regional accrediting agency. This process also allows Walsh to satisfy the accreditation requirements of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP; www.acbsp.org / or phone 913-339-9356). ACBSP is a specialized accrediting body that accredits business programs. Visit the College's accreditation web page to view the list of programs accredited by the ACBSP.

What is the value of student learning outcomes assessment?

The information obtained through the ongoing assessment process is one of the methods Walsh uses to improve student learning and teaching at the course, program, and institutional level. This continuous quality improvement process allows the College faculty the means to improve the overall institutional effectiveness.

Who participates in student learning outcomes assessment?

Across their educational experience at Walsh, students may be asked to participate in the student learning outcomes assessment process to measure the level of achievement in each Institutional Learning Outcome and/or achievement in their program. Students may be asked to perform one or more of the following; complete a survey, sit for an examination, compile a portfolio of academic work, or provide another academic indicator. When asked by the College, students are expected to participate in the evaluative measures and this participation may be a prerequisite for graduation. Alumni and various stakeholders are also asked to participate in outcomes assessment and provide information from their perspective on the quality of the programs and courses offered at Walsh.

Unless otherwise specifically stated in an individual program, no minimum score or level of achievement is required for graduation. All assessment results are confidential and presented anonymously and in aggregate form.

How often is student learning outcomes assessment conducted?

Student learning outcomes assessment is an ongoing process occurring at the course, program and institutional level. On a cyclical basis, a selection of institutional learning outcomes and program-level learning outcomes are chosen for assessment. In addition to the ongoing performance of student learning outcomes assessment, the overall institutional assessment plan and program-level assessment plans are evaluated on a cyclical basis and revised as needed to meet the mission of the College and focus of the program.