Assessment Committee


The mission of the Assessment Committee is to mentor faculty and facilitate improvements to the assessment of our Student Learning Outcomes. The committee is comprised of full-time and adjunct faculty members, along with administrative staff as required. 

The committee meets on a recurring schedule to accomplish its tasks and coordinates with the Curriculum Committee to insure optimal assessment outcomes. The committee routinely reports its activities to the Faculty Senate. 

The responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • Review and recommend changes to the outcomes assessment plan, learning outcomes, and selected instruments.
  • Discuss and share assessment strategies toward establishing best practices.
  • Review, analyze, and make recommendations regarding assessment data related to learning outcomes.
  • Provide recommendations and develop action plans to improve teaching and student learning.
  • Determine appropriateness of institutional instruments designed to assess student learning.

Committee Members

  • Committee Chair - Jenny Tatsak, Ph.D., Chair and Professor, Business Communication and Marketing
  • Louise August, Professor, Finance & Economics
  • John Black, CPA, CMA, CIA, Chair and Professor, Accounting
  • Jennifer Cosper, MS, Manager, Accreditation and Academic Compliance
  • Steven Harms, J.D., Adjunct Professor, Business Law
  • Camille Horton, MS, Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Kelly Long, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research
  • Tracy Marshall, Instructional Designer, Online Learning
  • Jill Peplinski, MA, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Business Communication
  • Thomas Petz, MS, Assistant Professor, Information Technology, Marketing
  • Karen Ponton, Coordinator, Online Course Quality
  • Michael Rinkus, DBA, Professor, Finance & Economics
  • Bethany Rodgers, Analyst, Student Outcomes Assessment
  • Cynthia Rush, Coordinator, Student Outcomes Assessment
  • Ann Saurbier D.M., Chair, Doctoral & MBA
  • Drew Smith, Director, Online Learning
  • Heather Swarthout, MBA, Adjunct Instructor, Business Communication
  • Stephanie Wheeler, M.Ed., Special Assistant, President's Office

Contact Us

For more information about student learning outcomes assessment, please contact the Assessment Office at assessment@walshcollege.edu