The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment website serves as a resource for faculty to assist in the evaluation and improvement of student learning. This site provides links to various rubrics that may adopted or modified for use in the on ground or online classroom.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Rubrics

The Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment rubrics are used to measure student achievement in the critical skill areas of communication and problem solving. 

Oral Communication

Problem Solving

Written Communication​​

Additional Rubric Resources

In addition to the institution-level competencies, student performance of a SWOT analysis and the effective use of technology and ethical reasoning are additional proficiencies common across Walsh College courses. The following rubrics may be used to assist faculty in the assessment of student performance in these areas.

Rubric Templates

VALUE Rubrics

The VALUE rubrics  were developed by a team of faculty, representing colleges and universities across the United States. The rubrics cover both functional and personal development skills and are designed to measure student learning at the institutional level, but they may be modified for course level assessment.

    Intellectual and Practical Skills

      Personal and Social Responsibility

      Integrative and Applied Learning

​Reprinted/Excerpted with permission from Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and tools for Using Rubrics, edited by Terrel L. Rhodes. Copyright 2010 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities