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First Week Back to School

I was once in your shoes:  registering for classes, printing out my schedule, purchasing textbooks at the bookstore, checking advance assignments, and getting anxious about the first day of class.  As a Walsh grad student, there were things that gave me comfort:

  1. Familiarity with the College and its great reputation.
  2. Happy that my commute from work to the classroom was a 2-minute walk down the hallway.
  3. Seeing smiling faces at Welcome Week before diving into the 11-week course. 

I always appreciated the fun activities that were planned the first week.  So what exactly is Welcome Week?  Regardless if you’re new or a seasoned student with multiple semesters under your belt, the event has something for everyone.  You can discover the resources available at the College, clubs you can get involved with, network with staff & students, and get your student ID photo taken. 

This fall’s event will have lot of exciting business activities:  browse reading materials written by Walsh faculty, write a thank you card to a Veteran, test knowledge of a Toastmaster speaker, check out pictures of your professors in years past, and much more.  Plus, a variety of giveaways will be distributed, including this recyclable shopping tote.  Best of all…it is FREE!  Click here for details about this event.

Welcome Week
September 26-27 & October 1-2
5-6 p.m.
Troy Barry Center Lobby and Novi/UC Administrative Offices

Note:  Limited prizes are available and are while supplies last.  Giveaways and activities may vary at campuses.  Participation in activities might be required for prize eligibility.

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