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BBA - Accounting Processes

Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting Processes

The Accounting Processes (ACP) major is designed to provide a basic business education, a basic exposure to taxation, and a thorough exposure to the preparation of financial statements. The ACP major prepares students for a non-management accounting position in corporate, small business, or non-public accounting. This program is not designed to optimally prepare students for the professional accounting examinations.

Students must complete 15 semester credit hours of the 45 semester credit hours taken in residence at Walsh College in Accounting and Tax. For complete BBA.ACP graduation requirements, refer to page 22 of our online catalog. 

Accounting Processes Professional Core

 Professional Core
 ACC 201+ Principles of Accounting I
 ACC 202+ Principles of Accounting II
 ACC 310^ Managerial Accounting
 BL 420 The Legal Environment of Business
 BIT 305^ Business Computing Tools
 BIT 335^ Business Driven Technology
 COM 210^ Principles of Business Communication
 COM 300* Communication Essentials
 COM 320** Business Communication Methods
 COM 340*** Professional Communication
 ECN 201+ Principles of Economics I
 ECN 202+ Principles of Economics II
 FIN 310 Financial Markets
 FIN 315 Financial Management
 MGT 201^ Principles of Management
 MGT 303^ Behavioral Management
 MGT 461 Business Strategy and Policy (Capstone)
 MKT 202^ Principles of Marketing
 QM 202^ Statistics Methods for Business
 QM 301 Statistical Inference for Management Decisions
 ELECTIVE Any 400-level course

 *COM 300 is required for all students that obtain a score of 1-3 on the Walsh College Communication Placement Exam. The Communication Placement Exam must be completed within the student's first semester of enrollment at Walsh College.

** Students are required to take COM 320 within their first 9 semester credit hours in residence at Walsh College.

***Students are required to take COM 340 within their first 15 semester credit hours in residence at Walsh College. 

 + ACC 201, ACC 202, ECN 201, ECN 202, must be taken at the transfer institution prior to attendance or through concurrent enrollment. 

 The ^ courses are typically transferred from a community college or another accredited educational institution. Additional transfer equivalencies may be established, depending on the course taken and the transfer institution.

 Major Courses
 ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I
 ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II
 ACC 406 Accounting Information Systems
 ACC 419/519 Advanced Managerial Accounting
 TAX 495/595 Tax and Business Taxation I


Accounting Faculty

CPA Requirements
Under a new public law in Michigan passed in 2010, persons wishing to be designated as certified public accountants (CPAs) no longer have to have one year (2000 hours) of experience working at a certified public accounting firm. This is good news if you wish to develop a career path which includes becoming a CPA but not limited to working at a CPA firm. For more information, visit www.walshcollege.edu/cpa.

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