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Oct 1 2012
New Course Delivery Method

Guest blog by:
David Shields
Chief Academic Officer

I’m sure that you know how hard we work to keep your classes stimulating and up-to-date.  But did you know that we’re even developing new methods of delivering the material?

Benefits of Blended Courses

Of course, we offer live classes in four locations; on line classes that allow you to take Walsh classes at your convenience; and virtual blend classes that split class time between live and on line.  Each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Live classes provide you with an opportunity to get to know your faculty member and your fellow students.  Did you know that networking is the top way of finding new jobs?   Yet, four hours in the classroom is exhausting for both you and your professor!  On line courses provide greater scheduling flexibility, but you lose the opportunity to fully engage with your colleagues.  Virtual blend classes promise to take advantage of the strengths of both live and on line classes, but suffer from irregular scheduling.

New Delivery Method:  2 hours in classroom + 2 hours online

So, we are developing a “disciplined” version of the virtual blend, and have been testing it for the last two semesters.  We don’t even have a name for these courses yet, but they consist of two hours per week in the classroom, and two hours per week on line (at your convenience).  So far, most of our students are enthusiastic about this method, as it delivers the best parts of both live and on line classes.

We’ll continue to perfect this new approach, and invite you to consider registering for one of these classes. 

Just look for classes scheduled from 6-7:50 pm. 

And, please let me know how you think we are doing, as we continue to innovate to improve the value of your Walsh education.

Best of Everything,

David Shields


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