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Jul 3 2013
Walsh Invests in Veterans Future By Covering Tuition Costs

Below is a message from Bafti (Ben) Baftiu, President of the Walsh College Student Veteran Organization, about the new Walsh College Military Grant Program:

"We are all working on saving a buck when it comes to education, which has been getting more expensive each term.  Once your VA benefits are exhausted, you end up out of luck. For those of us that are still serving, whether on Active Duty, Reserves or National Guard, we can use our Tuition Assistance (TA), and not lose out on any VA educational benefits. Even though TA is available for us, educational expenses can still add up.

Now let us look at TA for a second. TA only covers $250 per credit hour, with a $4,500 annual cap. What do we do with the remainder of the balance? Loans? Grants? Well, Walsh has one-upped that.

From now on, Walsh is covering any undergrad tuition amount above the $250! On the flip side, you have students, like me, who are working on their graduate degrees. What relief do I get? Well, the Veteran Services team here at Walsh has been working on that too. Now I get to enjoy the same monetary relief as undergrad students. I get a break up to the undergrad tuition amount, every semester, and it is all thanks to the Veteran Services team, and the support that Walsh as an institution has shown to us as veterans.

What better way to thank veterans than to invest in their future!

All The Way!

Bafti (Ben) Baftiu, President of the Walsh College Student Veteran Organization" 

To read the full press release, visit www.walshcollege.edu/News/MilitaryGrantProgram.


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