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Three R's of Walsh’s Master of Science in Taxation Program


The three “Rs” of reading, writing, and arithmetic represent a famously tongue-in-cheek shorthand for the pillars of a traditional education. Here at Walsh College, we like to describe our Master of Science in Taxation (MST) degree program with another three Rs: rigorous, relevant, and rewarding.  

Established in 1974, the Walsh MST program is specifically designed for professionals seeking to gain comprehensive, practical knowledge of tax law, while also achieving a deeper understanding of the broader concepts of tax methodology and tax procedure. Taught by tax professionals who are leaders in business and academia, the program provides hands-on marketable skills that prepare students for today’s fast-paced business environment. 

The program is among the most well respected in the nation for its preparation of tax professionals, and was recently ranked No. 5 nationally in TaxTalent’s employer-based 2017 Top in Tax Educational Survey. To understand how and why the Walsh MST program has built such a strong reputation, it might be helpful to take a closer look at those Rs:


The MST program is famously rigorous, and deservedly so. The academics are challenging and the faculty teach at the highest level. That faculty, a diverse group of attorneys and accountants with impressive credentials and professional experience, comes from the tax departments of Fortune 100 companies, Big Four accounting firms, the IRS, mid- and small-size accounting firms, and law firms. They know what it takes to be successful, and they push their students to ensure that they are prepared for the professional challenges ahead. Faculty and staff regularly review the curriculum and the program’s expectations and outcomes to ensure that students are challenged and that the program maintains an appropriate level of rigor. Whether it is projects, papers, or presentations, we want to push students out of their comfort zone. We want to ensure that their degree carries weight and that the reputation of the program is upheld – and we recognize that the best way to do that is to ensure that students who go through the MST program are fully prepared for the professional challenges ahead.


One of the most exciting aspects of the Walsh MST program is that not only are all faculty also practicing professionals in the "real world," but that the MST curriculum is always evolving to ensure that students are receiving relevant, updated information and instruction. The program’s adjunct faculty are all working professionals: experts who are out there on the front lines, advising clients, handling controversies and navigating challenges. As a result, they can relate educational material to their own experiences and connect classroom learning to professional context. To further that mission, we recently instituted a capstone class — Current Issues in Taxation — to cover emerging topics ripped from today’s headlines. Students engage directly with issues that clients expect you to understand. This flexible and dynamic learning environment moves with current trends and news developments, and isn’t tied to a textbook. The class is team-taught by two instructors who offer two unique perspectives on the subject matter being taught.


The Walsh MST program boasts an incredible list of prestigious alumni who run companies, serve as CFOs, or occupy positions of leadership across a wide range of industries. Students who earn their MST degree from Walsh can confidently say that they have built a base of education and expertise that will separate them from their peers. As past graduates have proven, an MST degree from Walsh will jump start your career and give you instant credibility within the industry. Graduates will also benefit from an extensive, impressive and influential alumni network that will help guide and mentor them in their careers. At a time when more and more employers are hungry for qualified tax experts, a Walsh MST degree – backed by the best graduate tax program in the region and one of the premier programs of its kind in the nation – offers a clear path to professional success.

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