BSAM: Bold, Speedy, Affordable, and Manageable

Students who have completed an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) at a community college and are looking to take their education to the next level, now have an additional option. Walsh recently unveiled its new Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) degree. The program is designed to expedite the path to a bachelor’s degree and provide students with the business acumen to be leaders in their field. The BSAM degree can be broken down into several words that highlight what makes it unique.


The BSAM program steps outside of the routine degree path. It was specifically created to meet the needs of students who have already developed skills and experience in their field of choice, but need core business knowledge to get ahead in their industry and “boldly go” wherever their career and heart lead them.


The average bachelor’s degree requires 127 credits. For traditional business programs, students can transfer up to 82 credits from a community college to go towards their bachelor’s degree. The BSAM degree only requires 120 credits, and students can transfer up to 90 credits from a community college. This allows students to complete their program one to two semesters faster. Walsh already offers Walsh Now and FastTrack to accelerate any degree.


By requiring fewer classes, the BSAM program is already less of a financial burden. Seven less credits can equate to nearly $3,500 of tuition savings. However, the ability to transfer up to an additional eight credits from a community college can equate to an additional $3,100 dollars in savings*.

In total, the BSAM program has the potential to save a student upwards of $6,600. 


Students can select from many different Associates of Applied Science (AAS) programs. Any AAS degree will transfer towards the BSAM program. Once the associate degree is acquired, the classes needed to complete a bachelor’s degree at Walsh can be taken either completely online, or in a hybrid format combining online instruction with time in a dynamic classroom setting. Adding in year-round registration helps keep the BSAM flexible to meet the needs of the myriad of students taking classes in today’s society.

With the introduction of the BSAM program, Walsh has given students another path to enhance the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their career.

*at an average of $102 per community college credit hour

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