How Walsh's MAB is Transforming Business Education

We had the chance to speak about the Master of Arts in Business (MAB) with Dr. Michael Rinkus, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Walsh. Here is what he had to say about how this unique academic program was developed.

What inspired the Walsh Master of Arts in Business program?

I spent 35 years in the international banking field where I saw people that had degrees other than finance, other than accounting, other than business degrees, bring a completely different perspective to helping companies succeed in business. We needed to break down the silos and expand the definition of what business means. Getting different kinds of people with different perspectives to think about business in a way they haven’t before is exciting. That’s how the Walsh MAB came to be.

How was the MAB program created?

We took a two-fold approach. First, we reviewed our current MBA program to ensure that it meets the needs of our core business students. Then, we created an entirely new program for individuals who are more right-brained. 

The Walsh MAB is more weighted towards tactics. It’s a completely different program, but with the same high standards we expect at Walsh. This is not MBA-lite. This is a rigorous program designed for students with a non-business background who are serious about learning about business in order to further their careers.

Who would benefit from a Master of Arts in Business?

The program is created for people with a non-business bachelor’s degree. Whether it’s running their own business or working within a corporate culture, there’s a large group of people who can benefit from a stronger understanding of how business works: fashion designers, graphic artists, chefs, architects, teachers, entrepreneurs, nurses...


Nurses understand how to care for patients. Nurses who also understand the business side of caring for patients can impact best practices, work flow, and ultimately provide better care to their patients.

Do you see right-brained thinking having a greater impact on business?

This is about looking at business in a whole new way. It’s not just about using the left brain or the right brain, it’s about using the whole brain.

Does the MAB sound like the right program for you?

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