Walsh Mentor Program Impacts Students and Alumni

Attending Walsh is an exciting opportunity but balancing classes, work, and family obligations can be a challenge. Sometimes, you just need advice and guidance. The Walsh Mentor Program can fill this need and make a significant impact. 

Education and Career Mentorship

The program pairs volunteer alumni with current students, providing experienced professionals the opportunity to share their expertise and business lessons in one-on-one meetings with students.

Students and mentors are matched by industry, personality, future career goals, and program expectations. Both groups fill out an in-depth application and then Walsh personnel hand-select likely pairs. Pairs are introduced through email communication and formally meet at the program's kickoff event. After that, mentoring sessions may be completed by email, telephone, personal meetings, video calls, or other convenient methods. Since the program’s launch, over 250 people have participated as a mentor or mentee.

“Entering the Mentor Program, I was a misguided intern in desperate need of career help. By the program’s close, I was interviewing for a role as a district digital manager at General Motors,” states Bryan Zyrowski. “Throughout the program, my mentor and I drafted and redrafted my résumé many times. We discussed in detail my career goals and how I could achieve them in both the short and long term.”

“So many of our alumni look for opportunities to give back to Walsh students and share what they’ve learned along the way," said Jill Peplinski, Mentor Program director and Walsh Business Communication faculty member. “Many of the mentors who participated have volunteered again to take part in future sessions.”

Benefits of the Mentor Program

The benefits for students are innumerable, including résumé assistance, networking opportunities, career path guidance, and life coaching. Many mentors help their mentees create a five-year plan of short-term and long-term goals to measure career progress.

 “The career coaching and guidance available through the Mentor Program is invaluable,” says Jenny Tatsak, Ph.D., Chair, and Professor of Business Communication at Walsh. “Mentors have been down this road before. They can help students identify potential pitfalls and dead-ends, and direct their mentees toward alternative choices that can help enhance career growth and enjoyment

Mentors gain benefits from the program too. “I had the privilege of having a mentor assigned to me through another program and the experience helped my career. When the opportunity to volunteer as a Walsh mentor appeared, it was my chance to give back," notes mentor Eileen McGill. "The ability to showcase the marketing industry to my mentee helped me get enthusiastic about it again.”

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