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Picture Perfect for LinkedIn

Business students and professionals have many different reasons for using LinkedIn, including networking, finding resources to help you resolve a problem, finding the next opportunity, marketing your company, and the list goes on. While those are all important, it is key to keep in mind that your professional profile picture is your first impression! Here are a few tips on showcasing your best photo.

Include a Profile Picture

Those who include a headshot are more likely to receive more views on a profile page than someone who does not. Including a photo not only personalizes your profile, it helps the visitor make sure they have the correct person. This especially important if you have a common last name.

Avoid Selfies

This is pretty self-explanatory. However, if you have no other option, make sure it is appropriate and avoid taking it in front of a mirror.

The Photo is Just Yourself

LinkedIn is a professional venue to connect with other networkers. While your significant other, children, and extended family mean a lot to you, avoid including them in a business related photo. Your written profile centers on you, and we want to see you!

Capture You in Your Best Light

I love taking photos with my Canon 70D on vacations, but those photos are not exactly meant to be used as my profile headshot. While I love the outdoors, it's best to save these types of pictures for your photo books and personal social media pages.

Upload a Recent Photo

We all have favorite photos of ourselves. While it might have been a great photo 20 years ago, it is time to update it for something fresh and recent. Ask a friend who likes to take photos or invest in a short professional headshot session. It is well worth it! 

I’ve noticed that photos that are taken outdoors (depending on the day) can be the best. This photo is one of my favorites taken on campus, thanks to Jessica Mullins. Personally, I like something that is a bit more on the creative side, but still professional. For example, it has a creative angle, using the rule of thirds, and an outfit that shows a little bit of your personality without being too flashy. Jessica took this photo outside on a cloudy day. She was standing on a bench, so I was looking up and the camera was angled down toward me. If you are in need of a good photo, reach out to her. She might be willing to do some freelance work for you!

Think about some of the LinkedIn profile pictures you have seen.  Which ones did you really like?  What did it look like?

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