Should I Become an Accountant?

There are many good reasons to become an accountant. If you’re detail oriented, good with numbers, and looking for a satisfying career with good pay, becoming a CPA or CMA might be a great fit. As you explore your options, here are three detailed reasons to consider an accounting career:

1. Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that the number of accountants will increase by 10% between 2016 and 2026. With the demand for accountants on the rise, professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting can expect to find a wide variety of traditional accounting roles. But individuals with training as accountants can also be well suited for jobs in finance, business analytics, and data forecasting, just to name a few. Earning your accounting degree from Walsh can give you even more confidence; the employment rate for our master's of accounting programs is more than 98%!

2. Salary

With a median salary of $70,000 a year, being an accountant is a lucrative career choice. When combined with a below average unemployment rate and increasing overall demand, accounting students can feel confident they’ll be able to put their degree to use after graduation. Walsh accounting students also have an additional edge, as top companies and organizations frequently recruit at Walsh.

3. Flexibility

Traditionally, accountants perform audits, file taxes, and keep a close eye on a company’s overall financial picture. But in the 21st century, accountants also help businesses thrive in nontraditional ways. Beyond crunching numbers and providing fiscal insight, accountants can help businesses protect against fraud, analyze expenditures, increase compliance, and even measure the successful launch of new products.

With their strong analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills, accountants also make great CEOs, business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re hoping to work for a top accounting firm, with a non-profit, or even launch your own business, a degree in accounting from Walsh can give you the skills you need to be a success, along with the flexibility you need to advance your career.

Accounting Programs at Walsh

Earning your bachelor's of accounting or master's of accounting from Walsh can help open doors and reinvigorate your career. Founded by Thomas Edison’s accountant Mervyn B. Walsh in 1922, the Walsh accounting programs focus on mastery of accounting concepts and financial analysis, all while sharpening analytical thinking and communication skills.

Whether you have a background in accounting or come from a non-accounting background, Walsh has an accounting program that will fit your needs and goals for the future. Our FastTrack program allows students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting in just five years. With experienced faculty, hands-on learning, and lifetime career services, choosing Walsh’s accounting programs can help you find new opportunities, advance in your current role, or head down an entirely new career path. 

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