Whatcha Gonna Do?

Whatcha gonna do? Pout or bounce back?

A young woman came home after her first date with a suitor. "All he talked about was his cars and his real estate," she complained to her mother. "I don't care what he has. I want to know what he's gonna do if someone takes his things away from him."

The quality this young woman was seeking in a partner was personal resilience. When the chips are down, whatcha gonna do? Pout or bounce back?

The loss of a job is a career challenge that requires personal resilience. Anyone who interviews for a new position understands the value of learning as much as possible about the challenges facing the organization prior to the initial meeting. Some realize asking good questions during the interview builds on their understanding of the organization and its challenges. Asking the right questions involves three interrelated actions: conducting research, posing inquiries, and reflection.

Next time you face a job loss or other career challenge, consider your preparation.  What research have you conducted? Who have you discussed your challenge with? Do you take time to think about what you learned from your research and conversations?  Research, inquiry, and reflection provide a framework for asking the right questions.  Asking the right questions allows you to recognize and seize opportunities. Seizing new opportunities is the essence of resilience.

Resilience involves thoughts and actions that can be learned by anyone. How can you further develop your personal resilience? In other words, whatcha gonna do when you experience a career setback? Any potential suitors, including employers or clients, need to know if you are going to pout… or if you are going to seize a new opportunity.

Chris Emmons, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, is a member of Walsh’s human resource management faculty. She brings years of industry experience as a business advisor and facilitator of change leadership and employee engagement to her classes.

Walsh offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (HRM) and a Master of Science in Management (MSM) with an HRM concentration. Walsh’s MSM with an HRM concentration is aligned with the Society of Human Resource Management‘s (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebooks and Templates.

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