Carissa Hansen's Transfer Story: Macomb to Walsh

My college experience started at Macomb Community College taking general courses. I had mixed ideas on what I wanted to study at first and had originally planned on getting my associate in business with no intention of going further with a bachelor’s degree. However, in the fall of 2017, I took a communications class at Macomb and met a student who happened to work at Walsh through a partner project. She told me that I could transfer up to 82 credits from Macomb Community College to Walsh and that my application fee could be waived on Wednesdays.

I was still very unsure about getting a bachelor’s degree because my path wasn’t clear. All I knew was that my ultimate goal was to work in the music business in some way. The steps to getting there were not clear to me at the time.

A Supportive Transfer Process

I set up my first advising appointment and my advisor helped me start building a course plan for a bachelor’s degree in general business with a marketing minor. I knew I wanted a broader degree, but I also knew that I enjoyed marketing. For the majority of my time at Walsh I worked with academic advisor Lauren Fillmore. She was pivotal to my success as a student. I vividly remember being impressed by the amount of time, care, and consideration she had for me. I was extremely nervous about getting all the classes I needed and figuring out how to set them up. Fillmore set up my schedule for the remainder of my time at Walsh and was always available to me.

Dual Enrollment

I started my first semester at Walsh as a dual enrolled student so that I could finish my last accounting course at Macomb. This was very convenient for me because I wanted to get started on my Walsh courses as soon as I could. I also received a scholarship: The Community College Excellence Award! Receiving this was incredibly validating because I felt like all my hard work was paying off. I eventually came to the conclusion that my degree would be worth it in the end. By starting at community college and transferring to Walsh I was saving thousands of dollars and getting my degree in a reasonable time frame. In addition, the hybrid classes offered worked out well with my work schedule, and I often utilized the Macomb University Center location.

My Path Forward

As I completed my degree at Walsh, I learned Career Services would be a huge support to me even after I graduated. Brenda Paine, Ph.D., encouraged me in all my career aspirations at every single appointment. She was key in helping me develop my confidence and helping me sort through job options.

All in all, I remember feeling like there was something different about Walsh’s approach to academic advising and the transfer process. I am so grateful that I decided to start at community college and finish at Walsh because I saved thousands of dollars in the end.

My college journey was one that unfolded as I made new discoveries. I think it’s important that students recognize that it’s okay if you don’t have a detailed plan that stretches years into the future. Being open to exploration and meeting new people can go a long way.

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