CPA Exam Education Requirements

To qualify to take the CPA Exam:

Earn an undergraduate degree in the United States or equivalent.

Receive credit in:
  • Auditing (ACC 415 or ACC 515) – 3 credits
And 21 credits in:
  • Financial Accounting (ACC 300 or ACC 500)
  • Cost/Managerial Accounting (ACC 310, ACC 419 or ACC 519)
  • U.S. Taxation (TAX 495 or TAX 595)
  • Accounting Systems (ACC 406 or ACC 506)
  • Governmental/Fund Accounting (ACC 412 or ACC 512)
General Business (24 credits) other than accounting and taxation:
  • Business communications
  • Business ethics
  • Business law
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information systems or technology
  • Quantitative methods
  • Statistics
  • Courses with an ACC or TAX prefix may be considered if business is in the title. Examples at Walsh are ACC 518 Accounting Communications and ACC 580 Business Law for Accountants.    
    To qualify to take the exam, you must meet education requirements noted above. The Walsh  Bachelor of Accountancy (BAC) degree includes the minimum education requirements.
    Students pursing the Master of Science in Accountancy (MAC) degree that do not possess an undergraduate degree in accounting or business, must complete the required general business credits noted above to meet the requirements to take the CPA exam.

CPA Exam

  • Michigan candidates apply online at www.nasba.org.
  • Official transcripts must be submitted from each school attended.
  • Exam is administered by Prometric test centers throughout Michigan.
  • Each section is approximately 50% multiple choice and 50% “Simulations” (problems); essays included in Business (BEC) section.
  • All sections must be passed within 18-month span.
  • Minimum passing score of 75 required.
  • Cost per section is approximately $200 plus fees.     

Exam consists of four sections:

CPA Exam
AUDIT (AUD) Auditing
FINANCIAL (FAR) Financial, Governmental, Non-Profit Accounting
REGULATION (REG) Tax and Business Law
BUSINESS (BEC) Economics, Finance, IT, Cost Accounting, Corporate Governance

CPA Licensure Education Requirements

Requirement to obtain the CPA license:

Completion of 150 semester credits, within or outside of any degree(s) earned.

  • 150 credits must include at least 30 credits of accounting/taxation and at least 39 additional credits in general business topics or additional accounting/taxation beyond the required 30 credits.
  • Earning a BAC degree and any master’s degree at Walsh including the Master of Science in Accountancy will satisfy the 150 credit hour requirement.
  • CPA Licensure Work Experience

  • One year (2,000 hours) of qualifying experience in government, industry, or public practice; the 2,000 hours cannot be in a time-span of less than one year or more than five years. Experience more than five years preceding your application for a license will not be counted.
  • The qualifying experience MUST be verified by a CPA. This person does not need to be employed at your place of work and may be licensed in any state or jurisdiction of the U.S.