New Requirements for Potential CPAs

Under a new public law in Michigan passed in 2010, persons wishing to be designated as certified public accountants (CPAs) no longer have to have one year (2000 hours) of experience working at a certified public accounting firm. The 2000-hour requirement may now be fulfilled through qualified experience in government, industry, academia or public practice. This is good news for students and other persons who would like to develop a career path which includes becoming a CPA but not necessarily working at a CPA firm.

Under the new requirements doing audits or other work associated with professional certified public accounting (such as tax research) can be done in industry, academia, or in governmental service, as long as the work is verified and attested to by a certified public accountant. Other requirements for certification, including the minimum education, examination, and character requirements, remain unchanged. This liberalization of the certification requirements aligns Michigan with most other states. These changes will be particularly helpful to the automotive and healthcare industries, both of which are significant users of accountants.

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