Walsh College

Director of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment/Committee Chair

The responsibilities of the Director of Student Learning Outcomes/Committee Chair are as follows:
  • Establish meeting agenda topics, beginning and ending times, and meeting location.
  • Guide, mediate, and monitor discussions, ensuring all committee members are involved in decision-making.
  • Delegate committee member responsibilities and tasks.
  • Ensure committee meets established target dates.
  • Collect and disseminate assessment instruments, data, and reports required for committee review and action.
  • Document work of the committee in the Walsh College Annual Assessment Report and the ACBSP Quality Assurance Report.
  • Update the committee’s action plan and/or institutional assessment plans as needed.
  • Report the work of the committee and submit decisions and policy recommendations to the Curriculum Committee; the Faculty Senate and all-faculty meetings; and to the Walsh College Officers and the Board of Trustees as required.
  • Report to the committee any decisions that affect the committee’s work.