Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctoral degree program designed to advance a candidate's knowledge of business administration through applied research. Candidates will generate practical solutions to the complex and dynamic challenges facing leaders, executive decision-makers, and managers of both people and processes in today's environment of global change.

Designed with working professionals in mind, the DBA offers a part-time program at a pace that matches their needs. The DBA is offered through a combination of online coursework and Zoom enabled remote delivery, with on-campus engagement opportunities for local students to allow faculty and students to interact and form connections in real time. DBA graduates may seek careers as business leaders, consultants, or business educators.

Candidate Evaluation

The purpose of the candidate evaluation is to determine a student's ability to pursue and successfully complete the DBA program. The review process will evaluate the entire candidate portfolio holistically rather than place specific limits or requirements on individual elements.

After completion of the candidate evaluation, the Doctoral Program Committee will make the determination whether a candidate is accepted into the Program. The decision will be recorded and communicated to the applicant in writing.

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